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Join the thousands of caregivers and parents who have learned to create a more peaceful home with our caregiving resources.


Relaxation & Meditation for Kids

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Mindful Parenting Course

More Peace at Home!

Parenting is the toughest job there is. It is a 24/7, non-stop, life-changing role that requires attention, empathy, and so much patience.

The Mindful Parenting course presents practical & enjoyable resources to improve connection, reduce resistance and increase peace in your home.

Through curriculum that you can listen to, watch or read, you will:

  • Improve mood, motivation, and mindset
  • Learn strategies for connection & emotional regulation
  • Gain powerful tools for adults & children
  • Confidently lead the path of peace & kindness in your family
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2 Day In-Person Training

Join us for a confidence building, inspirational and creative weekend.  You’ll be immersed in kid-friendly yoga activities, games, songs, and practices and you’ll leave as a certified Kids Yoga Teacher.

Yoga for Families

This online course will give you the knowledge, tools, and practical skills required to successfully bring yoga and meditation into your home and daily routines, including dozens of games, activities, and craft ideas.


This self-paced course is filled with creative activities and postures designed for the littlest yogis. Plus, modifications to traditional yoga poses that you and your little one can do together.

Mindfulness podcast by Kidding around yoga

Get Weekly Inspiration for Bringing Yoga to Your Family!

Mindful Conversations with Kidding Around Yoga is a podcast for anyone who works with children. We cultivate conversations to help parents, educators, yoga teachers, mental health professionals, and more. Our mission is to provide strategies that increase mindfulness, self-awareness, connection, self-regulation, and peace in children. We focus on research-based tools and fun!

Join hosts Kristi Fischer and Kelly Winkler, Kidding Around Yoga trainers, moms, and educators, for some lighthearted and insightful conversations, where we take a deep dive into all things Kids Yoga and mindfulness.

Recent Episodes

Caregiver Blog Articles

Deven Sisler Interview: The Yamas In Pajamas

Deven Sisler Interview: The Yamas In Pajamas

EP. 46 | Deven Sisler Interview: The Yamas In Pajamas Deven Sisler has been teaching yoga and meditation to children and families internationally since 2005 as well as offering kids yoga teacher trainings since 2016. She loves sharing the tools of yoga with people of...

Relationships – Part 3 Adult-child

Relationships – Part 3 Adult-child

EP. 45 | Relationships - Part 3 Adult-child “When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it's our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” ~L.R. Knost From the moment they’re born, children need safe, consistent, and responsive relationships with the...


Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

Watch at your leisure!


Relaxation & Meditation for Kids

Watch at your leisure!