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If you have any questions about our courses, how they work, payment options, certificates and any other general queries you will most likely find the answer here…


General Questions

Q: Is the Online training the same as your Live intensive, in-person training?

A: There is no way to replace the experience and elation you will feel when you join your peers and new friends locked in a room together, discovering the joy of kids Yoga for two intense days. That being said KAY’s Online kids Yoga teacher training is for you if you are:

  • From an area that we don’t currently have a training scheduled for – but remember, you can always apply to Host a training in your area!
  • 9 1/2 months pregnant
  • In the military
  • A single mom at home with a brood
  • On the road
  • At sea
  • In space

Our Online program will cover the entire curriculum from our live training. You will even have mentors in your own Facebook forum to help bridge the gap. This is THE best kids Yoga online training available, in our humble opinion. 🙂


Q: Do you have a sample training I can take?

A: YES! Do you want to know exactly how our training works? Check out our sample training.


Q: Do I need to be a certified Yoga teacher to take the training?

A: No you do not! All that is required is that you love children and want to teach them Yoga, mindfulness, and stress-management. We’ll take care of the rest.


Q: What if it takes me a long time to complete the online training?

A: You have 60 days to complete the online training, and then a further 90 days access once you’ve completed it. You’ll get a total of 150 days access to the course, from the time of registration. If you want unlimited access PLUS additional resources, OKAY Plus is a great option!


Q: Do I need liability insurance to teach Yoga to children?

A: Absolutely! And Kidding Around Yoga has partnered with BeYogi Insurance for a discounted rate. Insurance is applicable within the United States only and to those professionals who meet the state’s requirements, where applicable, to practice Yoga.


Q: Where can I teach once I’ve finished the training?

A: You can adapt your KAY training to teach anywhere there are children. here is a list of the more common places you will find a KAY teacher:

Public schools * Private schools * Yoga studios * Recreation centers * Martial arts centers * Homeless shelters * Birthday parties * Festivals and fairs * Day camps * Parents Night Out events * Parks *Libraries * Dance studios


Q: Who can I hire to sub my classes if I need someone?

A: Your best option is to have another KAY teacher sub for you. All teachers are posted on the website and of course, sponsoring a KAY training in your town will assure you that you will have a wonderful family of teachers to choose from! Your kids are going to be spoiled by our system!


Q: What is the difference between being a Certified KAY teacher and a Certified Licensee?

A: CLICK HERE to refer to the page of our site for Licensees.


Q: When will you be back in this city?

A: We can never be 100% sure when we are coming back. Typically if we fill the training we come twice a year. We encourage you to check our schedule to see if there’s another training in your area.




Q: Do I get a certificate?

A: Yes! All of our Live and Online Trainings have a certificate stating how many hours you have completed. Live training certificates are issued at your Training. You can download your certificate upon completion of your online course.


Q: Will I be certified?

A: Students taking a LIVE Training and OKAY students will be Certified KAY Teachers after completing their courses.

Although you will not receive a certification that is recognised through Yoga Alliance or other governing bodies, we will supply you with documentation that you studied your course with the number of hours taken to achieve your completion.

OKAY lite – you are not certified however you will receive a document stating that you completed 23 hours of online training.


Q: Will I be 95 hours certified?

A: No, in order to be 95 hours certified you need to take 95 hours of training and 89 of them need to be live. We offer 2 options to get this, 1 in Florida and 1 in Costa Rica.

OKAY for Online & Live Training counts towards 8 non-contact hours of your total 95 hours. More information HERE.


Q: Will YA recognize my certification?

A: Yoga Alliance only recognises the 95 hour certification. However you may apply for 23 CEUs following your training


Q: If I am a registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance, will I receive CEUS for this training?

A: You may apply this training towards your non-contact credit hours with the Yoga Alliance.




Q: Are payment plans available?

A: Yes! Just go to the registration page and you will see the options.


Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: Yes! We offer a number of different discounts including military and teacher discounts.


Q: Can I buy now and pay later?

A: Our payment plans require the first installment to be paid at the time of registration. The balance is then divided into 2 further payments; 1 after 30 days of registration and the final payment is taken 60 days after registration.


If you have any questions that aren’t answered here then please email

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