Virtual Mini Workshops

90 Minute Workshops only $15 each

Join Kidding Around Yoga for our 90-minute Virtual Mini Workshops led by our fabulous team of trainers! If you’re looking to fine tune your Kids Yoga teaching skills or you just want to dip your toe into the Kids Yoga world and see how you like it here, then these mini workshops developed around trending topics in yoga are for YOU! We appreciate your commitment to spreading the love of Kids Yoga and we’d like to support you through continued learning opportunities on topics that interest you the most.

The cost to attend a live Virtual Mini Workshop is $15 when purchased separately from any of our KAY teaching certification learning paths. There are only 20 spots available for each session to ensure that we have ample time to address your questions, so make sure you register early to reserve yours.

What’s included?
  1. 60-minute mini workshop, facilitated virtually
  2. 30-minute Q & A session to answer all your questions
  3. Online course with all material covered during the course of the workshop and a pre-recorded session for you to review at any time

Pre-Teen Yoga: How to Adapt a Kids Yoga Class for Growing Yogis

Structuring a pre-teen yoga class can be tricky; games and songs may seem juvenile, yet a traditional adult flow is often too much. In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to make the KAY outline more suitable for yogis between 10-12 years old. We’ll take a look at meditation, pranayama and movement for this specific age group. We’ll discuss the best options for music, games and activities. Pre-teens are at that awkward age between being a young kid and a teenager. Ensure your KAY class delivers that perfect mix of silliness and seriousness!

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How To Go Virtual with a Kids Yoga Class

Children need yoga and mindfulness now more than ever! Help bring this practice into their homes and lives and continue to change the world, one peaceful child at a time! We will walk you through different online platforms; review using the KAY music, the KAY Class Outline, games and crafts for a virtual setting; and take a look at the business of kids yoga through a virtual lens.

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Asana: Postures for Sergeant Salutations

You know and love the Kidding Around Yoga Sergeant Salutations, now let’s dive in and learn the specifics of each posture in the sequence. Whether you’re an experienced 200-hour yoga teacher, or just getting started, this workshop will help you practice and teach this sequence in a safe and effective way.

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Raja Yoga (Principles)

What is Raja Yoga and where did it come from? You have heard that yoga is much more than the postures, but maybe you’re looking for more information on what exactly that is, or for ways to incorporate yoga philosophy into your KAY classes. In this workshop we will discuss the basics of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the 8 Limbs of Yoga. If you’re new to yoga or haven’t had the chance to dive into yoga philosophy, this is the workshop for you. Join us for our first installment of Raja learning as well as to learn more about the “Side of Raja” portion of a typical KAY class.

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Privilege & Oppression in the Yoga World, What Are We Going to Do About It?

Everyone is talking about privilege and oppression, but what do these concepts mean and how do they apply to yoga? In this workshop, you’ll learn about how power dynamics come into play every time you teach a yoga class and how you can step forth as a leader in your classroom and empower diverse students to benefit from yoga’s history and culture.

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Yoga Stories

A great Yoga Story can make your Kids Yoga class highly engaging and exhausting! Not to mention that it is one of our favorite and most versatile activities that can be taught virtually or in real life. Join us for this workshop where you will learn how to infuse literacy practice into your yoga classes as we discuss different ways to create and present Yoga Stories to students of all ages utilizing children’s literature.

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Teen KAY: Vision Boards

Vision Boards are an excellent way to engage pre-teens and teens in reflection about their life and goals for the future. Not sure how to lead a Vision Board making workshop that is fun, inspiring and most of all doesn’t pressure the students to know what they want to do after they graduate? During this workshop, we will break down a plan for a 60-minute Vision Board creation workshop that will appeal to kids ages 12-18.

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Dissecting a Kids Yoga Class

So you think you have all the pieces to teach a great Kids Yoga class, but not sure how it is supposed to flow all together? Join us for this workshop where we will view a real pre-recorded virtual Kids Yoga class in action taught by one of our expert trainers and then tease it out and dissect it, for better or for worse, because let’s face it, there are no mistakes in yoga, just lessons to be learned.

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You’ve heard that breathing exercises can help us calm down when we’re feeling stressed, but maybe you’re looking for more details on how and why breathing is a part of yoga. In yoga, we call breath work, “Pranayama.” In this workshop we’ll discuss how you can use several breathing or pranayama techniques with children of all ages during a yoga class to help them learn to self-regulate.

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How to Weave Yoga into Academic Subject Areas

Yoga in schools is becoming more widely recognized for all of the health and well-being benefits it can provide for our students. Considering this forward progress, we as parents and educators can learn various ways to incorporate all the limbs of a true yoga practice into most areas of the day. This workshop will explore ways to incoporate yoga into the academic subject areas for school-aged children. Let us help spark your creativity with curriculum planning ideas so that you can best serve your students.

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How To Make Money Teaching Kids Yoga

You LOVE sharing yoga, meditation and mindfulness with children. Now it’s time to make some money doing so! We will review how to create a following and market yourself effectively. We’ll also explore what to charge and how to work smart to make this a profitable business for both virtual and in person classes. Whether you’re a recent KAY grad or an experienced instructor and entrepreneur, this workshop will help you know your worth and grow your biz!

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Deep Dive into BLISS

Mindfully transitioning your students from seated meditation to standing and ready for movement is a skill. In this workshop, we’ll spend time developing this skill. We’ll dive deeper into the meaning and purpose of a BLISS, explore ways to modify BLISS based on age and setting, and spend some time fine tuning your BLISS writing skills. If you’re feeling like BLISS isn’t so basic after all, this workshop is for you!

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Creating Themed Kids Yoga Camps

With Summer right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your Kids Yoga camp! We will explore how to create and market a Kids Yoga camp for both an online-virtual and in-person setting, discuss the value of incorporating a theme for your camp and will review yoga-inspired activities to ensure your Kids Yoga camp is a fun, relaxing and educational experience for your little yogis!

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Sergeant Salutation Methodology

The Sergeant Salutation, KAY’s signature warm-up sequence, is the best behavior management tool we have. We promise, it works! Not sure how to make it engaging for your students and keep them interested every time you practice it? During this workshop we will break down the sequence, give you tips for each step along the way and give you tons of ideas on how to differentiate your approach for various audiences.

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Raja Yoga (Practices)

Have you wondered how to share yoga philosophy with the children in your classes? It’s important to share all aspects of yoga in class, even with kids! In this workshop we will discuss how to do this via the “Side of Raja”, which will be explained. We’ll talk about how and when to share yoga philosophy in your classes and provide you with some inspiration to engage your students with relatable information.

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Mudras for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Have you ever wondered what a mudra is? What are they and can we use them with children? During this workshop we will learn about mudras and how we can use them with toddlers and preschoolers. We’ll learn some basic mudras that are kid-friendly and how to incorporate them into a Kids Yoga class.

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Engaging Yoga Games For School-Aged Kids

Yoga games are a crucial part of the class, especially with school-aged children. Not only are they helpful in teaching different yoga poses, but they also support children’s learning and development  in a variety of ways. If you’re looking to engage your students and ensure a fun and active yoga class, this workshop is for you!

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Incorporating Mindful Crafts Into A Kids Yoga Class

When sharing yoga with children, not only are arts and crafts projects a great way to teach new poses, they also promote mindfulness, self-expression and innovation. Kids of all ages are always excited to draw, paint, craft, and create. Spice up your yoga class with simple, yet creative craft projects!

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How to Use KAY Music

Here at KAY we absolutely adore music! Which is why we have chosen to share with you all that we have created over the years. Curious about where some of our music came from? Or how to incorporate it into your classes and make it engaging for your students? This workshop will have you moving, grooving and understanding how to use this best in your classes. We guarantee you will fall in love with our music even more than you already are!

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Meditation Techniques Across the Ages

Teaching children how to meditate is a whole different ballgame than teaching it to adults! Kids have less patience, shorter attention spans and less capacity to sit still. On the other hand, they have a greater imagination, a sense of playfulness and they learn by example. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at how to teach meditation effectively to kids of all ages.

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Yoga Through an Antiracist Lens

As Kids Yoga instructors, educators, caregivers, and community members, we have a responsibility to ensure each child is safe from racism and discrimination and has equitable opportunities to thrive. Join us for this workshop to learn how to recognize and become more aware of how to cultivate a safe and inclusive learning environment for all of your students.

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Cancellation Policy

Kidding Around Yoga reserves the right to cancel or reschedule workshops. In case of a cancellation, KAY will offer you alternative workshop dates, or, if you prefer, simply enjoy the pre-recorded session included in the course content you received when you registered for the workshop. We are unable to issue any refunds for Virtual Mini Workshops.

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