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Join Kidding Around Yoga for our 90-minute Virtual Mini Workshops (available to KAY teachers and graduates only) led by our fabulous team of trainers! If you’re looking to fine tune your Kids Yoga teaching skills and delve deeper into current topics and trends, then these workshops are for YOU! 

We love your commitment to spreading the love of Kids Yoga and we’d like to support you through continued learning opportunities on topics that interest you the most and areas you feel you need more growth. 

The cost to attend the live Virtual Mini Workshop is $14.95. There are only 20 spots available for each session to ensure that we have ample time to address your questions, so make sure you register early to reserve yours.


What’s included?

  • 60-minute mini workshop, facilitated virtually
  • 30-minute Q & A session to answer all your questions

After you register, you will immediately receive an email with Zoom details for joining the workshop. If you do not receive this email, please check your Spam folder before you contact your trainer or to ask for the link. Additionally, you will receive an email from your trainer approximately 24 hours prior to the workshop start time with an agenda and a reminder of how to login.

Kidding Around Yoga Online Training


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The recordings will be featured in next month’s OKAY Plus offerings on a rotating basis. Not an OKAY Plus subscriber? Join now and have access to the previous month’s recordings and so much more!

Note: OKAY Plus is only available to graduates of a Kidding Around Yoga 2-day live training or OKAY. Graduates that want to become an OKAY Plus subscriber should use the link provided in the lecture ‘OKAY Plus’ within module 4 of the online course content.

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Upcoming Workshops



Make it Flow: How to Create and Deliver an Engaging KAY Yoga Class

Are you ready to develop your own creative path to teaching a KAY Kids Yoga class? Try using THEMES! Crafting a class, workshop, or entire curriculum based on exciting, creative themes adds flow, keeps your teaching fresh and your students engaged. This workshop will walk you through the steps of choosing a theme, creating activities based on your theme, and successfully moving through the KAY outline with the theme woven throughout.

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Previous Workshops

How to go Virtual with a KAY Yoga Class

Children need yoga and mindfulness now more than ever! Help bring this practice into their homes and lives and continue to change the world, one peaceful child at a time! We will walk you through different online platforms; review using the KAY music, the KAY Class Outline, games and crafts for a virtual setting; and take a look at the business of kids yoga through a virtual lens.


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Yoga VS Religion

As yoga and mindfulness programs become more prevalent in school systems worldwide, it is important as a KAY teacher to be knowledgeable about this topic and feel comfortable having this conversation. Join Momma KAY as she chats about the similarities between yoga and religion, why many folks are opposed to yoga in the classroom or for their children, and how you can prepare yourself for situations that may come up in your Kids Yoga teaching career.

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How to Make Money Teaching Kids Yoga the KAY Way

You LOVE sharing yoga, meditation and mindfulness with children. Now it’s time to make some money doing so! We will review how to create a following and market yourself effectively. We’ll also explore what to charge and how to work smart to make this a profitable business for both virtual and in person classes. Whether you’re a recent KAY grad or an experienced instructor and entrepreneur, this workshop will help you know your worth and grow your biz!

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Pre-teen Yoga: How to Adapt the KAY outline for Growing Yogis

Structuring a pre-teen yoga class can be tricky; games and songs may seem juvenile, yet a traditional adult flow is often too much. In this workshop, we’ll explore ways to make the KAY outline more suitable for yogis between 10-12 years old. We’ll take a look at meditation, pranayama and movement for this specific age group. We’ll discuss the best options for music, games and activities. Pre-teens are at that awkward age between being a young kid and a teenager. Ensure your KAY class delivers that perfect mix of silliness and seriousness!

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Creating Themed Kids Yoga Camps

With Summer right around the corner, it’s time to start planning your Kids Yoga camp! We will explore how to create and market a Kids Yoga camp for both an online-virtual and in-person setting, discuss the value of incorporating a theme for your camp and will review yoga-inspired activities to ensure your Kids Yoga camp is a fun, relaxing and educational experience for your little yogis!


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Cancellation Policy

Kidding Around Yoga reserves the right to cancel or reschedule trainings. In case of a cancellation, KAY will offer you alternative training dates, or, if you prefer, will refund your payment in full.

There are no refunds when you cancel. 

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