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Meditation, mindful movement, and yoga.

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Relaxation & Meditation for Kids

A free 30 minute, recorded workshop

Just like us, our children live in a very busy world. Children (and adults) benefit tremendously by learning to regulate, restore and find peace on the inside, despite the chaos of the modern-day human experience.

Learn why and how to share the power of relaxation and meditation with children of all ages!

Mindful Moment Activities for Kids

Fun activities you can do with children to help them foster focus and realize they are in control of their bodies, and minds.

Mindfulness is a powerful skill, that when taught and nurtured, improves self-esteem, academic and social skills, emotional intelligence, sleep and so much more!

Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

A free 30 minute, recorded workshop

Yoga in schools works wonders! It has become widely recognized for all of the health and well-being benefits it can provide for our students. We, as educators, can learn various ways to incorporate all the limbs of a true yoga practice into most areas of the day to create a more optimal environment for learning. Enroll now to explore ways to incorporate yoga into most areas of an academic day for powerful and positive results for school-aged children and their educators.

5 Free Mindful Moments

A gift for Educators

TEACHERS are being pushed to their limits more than ever before. You don’t need MORE to do – you need a way to find calm during the day to be successful and feel satisfied.

Kidding Around Yoga sees you – and is here to help.

Please accept this Mindful Classroom Bundle as our gift to you and your students. There’s no catch – it’s truly a free gift from our family of teachers to you, teachers!


A free resource guide for inclusivity and social justice

At KAY we are committed to sharing the ancient yoga teachings with all children. With thousands of teachers worldwide and years of teaching in a variety of settings, KAY offers you ideas, tips and tricks for sharing our already amazing and highly creative program with children from all nations, races, languages, religions, spiritual traditions, economic backgrounds, political views, ages, genders, sexual orientations, sexual preferences, mental, physical, and conceptual abilities, body sizes, and more!

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Mindful Conversations with KAY

Hosted by Kelly & Kristi

Mindful Conversations with Kidding Around Yoga is a podcast for anyone who works with children. We cultivate conversations to help parents, educators, yoga teachers, mental health professionals, and more. Our mission is to provide strategies that increase mindfulness, self-awareness, connection, self-regulation, and peace in children. We focus on research-based tools and fun!

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Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

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Relaxation & Meditation for Kids

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