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Bringing meditation, mindfulness & yoga into your school & classrooms

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Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

Yoga in schools works wonders!

It has become widely recognized for all of the health and well-being benefits it can provide for students.


Evidence-Based Impact of Yoga in Classrooms

Kidding Around Yoga methods integrate seamlessly into school curriculums and classroom routines, providing yoga-based opportunities for mindfulness, behavior and stress-management, health awareness, and social-emotional learning.

Through grant funding, we have had the privilege to share our EduKAY Professional Development Program with dozens of public schools and hundreds of educators in West Virginia.

West Virginia University studied the effects of the Kidding Around Yoga training and the findings are powerful:

  • Educators reported a significant increase in the ability of students to regulate their emotions following the implementation of EduKAY strategies in the classroom.
  • Teachers reported that mindfulness strategies in the classroom allowed them to spend more minutes on classroom instruction time.
  • Educators reported an increase in feeling equipped and knowledgable in strategies to support students, recognizing kids in crisis, ability to de-escalate situations and resources available to them to support students in the school and community.
  • There appears to be a declining trend in disciplinary actions and referrals for behavioral/emotional challenges.

– Educator Professional Development –

The EduKAY School Workshop is a six hour professional development opportunity delivered by one of our expert trainers.

It provides educators with the skills necessary to introduce yoga, meditation and mindfulness into today’s demanding academic environment. Guiding them through methods to integrate yogic concepts throughout the school day as they pertain to Behavior, Stress Management, and Health Awareness, all while increasing student engagement in a positive environment.

Also included is unlimited access to all of the online resources shared during the workshop.

The EduKAY Workshop is available in the following formats:

  • In-person private group workshop at your location
  • Virtual private group workshop
  • EduKAY Online – our popular training in an elearning format

– Free Resources For Educators –

5 Free Mindful Moments

A gift for Educators

TEACHERS are being pushed to their limits more than ever before. You don’t need MORE to do – you need a way to find calm during the day to be successful and feel satisfied.

Kidding Around Yoga sees you – and is here to help.

Please accept this Mindful Classroom Bundle as our gift to you and your students. There’s no catch – it’s truly a free gift from our family of teachers to you, teachers!


Guide for inclusivity & social justice

At KAY we are committed to sharing the ancient yoga teachings with all children. With thousands of teachers worldwide and years of teaching in a variety of settings, KAY offers you ideas, tips and tricks for sharing our already amazing and highly creative program with children from all nations, races, languages, religions, spiritual traditions, economic backgrounds, political views, ages, genders, sexual orientations, sexual preferences, mental, physical, and conceptual abilities, body sizes, and more!

 – Content for Educators –

Social Emotional Learning – Yoga and Emotional Intelligence

Social Emotional Learning – Yoga and Emotional Intelligence

Children are whole beings- body, mind, and spirit. They are not just their thinking minds that are able to solve math equations or remember the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s lessons on peace and tolerance. They are their physical bodies, that can...

Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Are you looking for a way to re-focus your classroom? Here are some postures for kids (and teachers) to try while seated in a chair. Make these practices part of your daily classroom routine! Listen to the bell: You can use any type of bell for this activity. I prefer...

Choosing Teams Without Tears

Choosing Teams Without Tears

While yoga is often celebrated as a non-competitive activity, there are certainly times that groups and teams need to be formed in order to play a game or complete a task. As you would guess, this process sometimes leads to hurt feelings and frustration of being "left...

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