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Physical Responses to Emotion

EP. 47 | Physical Responses to Emotion

In this episode of Mindful Conversation with KAY, Kelly & Kristi begin a new month-long series on physical responses.

They kick off the conversation by diving deeper into what emotions are, how they manifest in our bodies, the impact they can have on our overall well-being, and the role yoga and mindfulness play in understanding and processing them.

Throughout this episode, Kelly and Kristi cover the following thought-provoking topics:

  1. The negative ‘side effects’ of not acknowledging or expressing emotions
  2. The importance of accepting and honoring all emotions, both positive and negative
  3. Exploring the ways our bodies communicate our emotions
  4. Examining the ways in which our emotional states can influence our physical states through sensations, illness, and behaviors
  5. Discovering how the practice of mindfulness can help us cultivate awareness of our bodily sensations and deepen our understanding of our emotions.

This episode is part of a series. Be sure to tune in all month for thoughtful conversations about physical responses to feelings and emotions and helpful ways to manage and process them for both adults and children.

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