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Deven Sisler Interview: The Yamas In Pajamas

EP. 46 | Deven Sisler Interview: The Yamas In Pajamas

Deven Sisler has been teaching yoga and meditation to children and families internationally since 2005 as well as offering kids yoga teacher trainings since 2016.

She loves sharing the tools of yoga with people of all ages and believes that everyone can benefit from investigating kindness, honesty, generosity, wisdom, and self-liberation.

Deven joins Kristi and Kelly on this week’s episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY to discuss her new book, The Yamas In Pajamas: A Guide to Yoga for Kids and Their Adults, which dives deeper into the first limb of yoga for kids in a fun and accessible way.

Each chapter includes reflections, guided meditations, breathing exercises, journal prompts, some activities, and mindful movements or body shapes for each Yama, so kids and their adults can experientially explore these concepts.

Listen in as Deven shares more about:

  1. Her personal journey with yoga and meditation
  2. Her background in theater, circus, and clowning
  3. Shifting her approach to teaching yoga to kids
  4. Her inspiration for her book and plans for her next one
  5. Her experience bringing the practice of yoga into schools and adjustments to make it suitable for all environments

Deven reminds us that the practice of yoga is available to all of us, at all times, even in our pajamas!

The Yamas in Pajamas is available at Target and Amazon, or purchase a signed copy directly from her website.

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