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Relationships – Part 3 Adult-child

EP. 45 | Relationships – Part 3 Adult-child

“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” ~L.R. Knost

From the moment they’re born, children need safe, consistent, and responsive relationships with the adults around them. Most often, the primary relationship is with a parent, however other adults, such as grandparents and teachers, play a crucial role in a child’s overall development and well-being.

Through stable relationships with caring adults, children are able to develop a sense of trust and safety in the world around them. They learn to regulate their emotions, foster positive relationships with others, and develop a strong sense of self.

In this week’s episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY, Kelly & Kristi continue the conversation about mindful relationships with a focus on adult-child relationships.

Tune in as Kelly & Kristi dive deeper into the topic, including:

  1. practicing mindfulness in our reactions
  2. how behavior is most often a communication of a need
  3. the importance of co-regulation to support children during challenging moments at home and in the classroom
  4. releasing the ideal of the “perfect’ parent or teacher
  5. the role of repair

This episode is part of a series. Be sure to tune in all month for thoughtful conversations about relationships.

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