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Virtual Advanced Teacher Training

Virtual Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Our advanced program is designed to complement our basic Kids Yoga certification (online or live) and provides the additional 72+ hours necessary to receive a full 95 hr certification that enables you to register as RCYT with Yoga Alliance.**

Enjoy this training from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be instantly transported to locations in Spain, Canada, and the USA as you dive deep into the world of Kids Yoga.


Are you already a certified Kids Yoga teacher?

Curriculum and Expectations


Here are the topics we will be covering:

  • Asanas, activities, games, pranayama, chanting
  • Classroom techniques, communication with children
  • Anatomy, changes in childhood development, contraindications, benefits, body systems, organs, etc.
  • Philosophy and ethics
  • Developmental stages
  • Yoga for children with disabilities
  • Teen Yoga
  • Yoga in schools
  • Yoga for toddlers and babies
  • Business and marketing

Expectations for Virtual Training

  • Attend both virtual weekends. Live sessions are on Saturdays and Sundays only. You can choose from a variety of dates.
  • Daily Yoga practice following our included online classes/exercises.
  • Daily journaling activities.
  • Group assignments to be completed during live lecture time.
  • Completion of assigned online KAY-tinuing Education courses and successful completion of associated quizzes.
  • Completion of various practicum assignments, such as teaching games, songs and crafts on video and uploading the videos to our designated page (private to training participants and trainers).
  • Observation of online KAY classes.
  • Teach and engage in peace, love, sharing, caring, compassion, non-violence, karma, co-existence, kindness, spirituality, and tolerance

* There are no due dates for the assignments though we do recommend completing the whole course within 5 month maximum and completing the assignments in the order they are listed.


You can start at any time and will receive immediate access to the online material upon registration.

You can register for the virtual weekends through the course. Below are the upcoming dates, the sequential completion of the two weekends is required.  New dates will be added on a regular basis.

We provide recordings of all the virtual lectures however we do expect you to attend at least 50% in person. We expect you to watch the recording of missed lectures and turn in the group work assignments on your own.

Upcoming Weekend Dates EDT:

Weekend 1

October 21 & 22, 2023

12:00PM – 4:00PM (on both days)

Weekend 2

November 11 & 12, 2023

12:00PM – 4:00PM (on both days)

Weekend 1

December 9 & 10, 2023

12:00PM – 4:00PM (on both days)

Weekend 2

January 13 & 14, 2024

12:00PM – 4:00PM (on both days)

Weekend 1

February 17 & 18, 2024

12:00PM – 4:00PM (on both days)


Registration & Payment

In order to start our advanced course you are expected to have completed:

If you hold an alternative Kids Yoga certification, please send a copy to for approval. You will still need to review our basic course as our advanced course is building on this knowledge.

We also offer a bundle of both, our basic certification and the advanced course.

Follow these steps to complete your registration:

  1. Complete the registration form below.
  2. Select either the Standard Program (for certified Kids Yoga teachers) or Bundle Program (for non-certified)
  3. Make your payment.

Your registration is NOT final until you have made a payment.


You MUST complete the Registration Form BEFORE making your payment!

Are you already a certified Kids Yoga Teacher?

Certification & Requirement Details

Cancellation Policy

Training price is fully refundable for 24 hours from time of purchase. After this time it is non-refundable.

There are no discounts available for this training.

**Yoga Alliance standards apply which include the previous registration of a 200 hour certification. Once you have registered your 95 hour certification you are expected to teach and log 30 hours of teaching experience before the RCYT status is confirmed.


Bringing Mindfulness into the Classroom

Watch at your leisure!


Relaxation & Meditation for Kids

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