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Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Are you looking for a way to re-focus your classroom? Here are some postures for kids (and teachers) to try while seated in a chair. Make these practices part of your daily classroom routine!

Listen to the bell: You can use any type of bell for this activity. I prefer either a singing bowl or a chime. Ring the bell and have the children listen from the time bell starts to when it ends. This is a great practice in noticing and mindfulness. It also draws attention to focus and breathing. 

Bunny Breathing: Get your bunny ears ready! Take three quick breaths in and one long breath out. Notice how focused and energized you feel. 


Seated Figure Four: Start in seated Mountain pose with your feet separate and firmly planted on the floor. Lift one leg up and cross it over the other leg in figure four. Switch sides.


Seated Twists: Stretch both arms up to the sky. Put your right hand on the desk and lift your left hand up to the sky. Twinkle your fingers. Switch sides. 


Seated Forward Fold: Separate your feet and reach your arms towards the ground. Relax your head and grab onto opposite elbows.


Peaceful Garden: Students can either put their heads on their desks or sit comfortably. There’s an option for children to close their eyes. As they sit quietly, use vivid imagery to guide them on a trip to a Peaceful Garden, a very special, safe, beautiful place. Encourage them to use all 5 senses to create their garden. Where is your garden? What does it look like? Does it smell like the ocean or like flowers? Can you hear birds? Are there books? Stuffed animals? Then let them sit for a couple of minutes resting in their gardens before gently asking them to sit up and get ready to learn!

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