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What is the EduKAY School Workshop?

The EduKAY School Workshop is a 6 hour professional development opportunity, that will provide teachers with the skills necessary to introduce yoga concepts into today’s demanding academic environment. This workshop provides various tools and guides teachers on methods to integrate yogic concepts, throughout the school day, as they pertain to Mindfulness, Behavior, Stress Management, and Health Awareness, all while increasing student engagement in a positive environment. The EduKAY workshop also includes an online review of all the material covered at the live workshop along with a digital version of the EduKAY manual. Plus, some of our most popular original songs, activities, and ideas for keeping the material accessible for all students.

  • Visual/spatial learners will benefit from seeing modeled yoga poses and printed yoga graphics/charts.
  • Musical learners will benefit from the use of Kidding Around Yoga original music.
  • Linguistic learners will thrive on telling yoga stories, communicating emotions and verbalizing feelings.
  • Logical/mathematical learners will develop their understanding of anatomy, stress management, and mathematical relationships.
  • Bodily/kinesthetic learners will get to experience lots of physical activity in the classroom through role playing, hands-on learning, and use of body language.
  • Interpersonal learners will have fun using their social skills to relate with their peers during class meetings and various group activities while increasing their cultural sensitivity toward others.
  • Intrapersonal learners will further develop their independence by learning additional ways to set goals and achieve them, manage stress, and gain more confidence.

In addition to all of these benefits teachers will have an easier time fitting the required Health and Physical Fitness demands into the school day. Edu-KAY will teach how to make content standards more engaging by using our methods as a conduit for learning. Our system provides enough flexibility (ha ha!) to create Yoga Mini-Lessons that serve as class meetings for character education topics tied to academic lessons. Our trainers are qualified to train school teachers how to share meditation with their students.

We provide focus and concentration exercises which serve as a foundation for Mindfulness and as a place where all other academics are given the opportunity to thrive.

Edu-KAY is the perfect way to introduce and integrate Mindfulness and yogic concepts into the educational environment, while providing continuity in the way the subject matter is addressed school wide.

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“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world in one generation.” ~ Dalai Lama

Teachers will complete Edu-KAY with a toolbox filled with:
  • Songs, stories, activities, and games that can be used singularly or within a mini-lesson or class meeting.
  • How to select learning standards from reading, math, or other content areas that are yoga-adaptable.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness techniques.
  • Breathing techniques to use for themselves and with their students.
  • How to consistently incorporate yoga techniques into mini-lessons for their students.
  • Yoga-Breaks at transitional times.
  • MUSIC INCLUDED!* Some of our very best Kidding Around Yoga music geared for the classroom.
  • As an added bonus, your teachers will gain LIFETIME access to KAY-C, our Online Yoga for the Classroom training.


We are happy to work within your school’s schedule. The event is led by our top notch trainers, and is approximately 6 hours if completed all at once. However, Edu-KAY can be broken into separate sessions if that makes it easier to schedule. We have certifed trainers available all over the country. Contact us now!


At most locations, the 6 hour workshop is $1,800 for up to 30 participants. Additional attendees are $50 each. Each attendee gets lifetime access to the online version of the workshop which includes free downloads of our most popular songs, activities, hand-outs, and age appropriate lesson plans.

Yes, we take purchase orders .


Schedule an Edu-KAY workshop by December 31, 2018 and take $300 OFF!

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