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Somatic Experiencing-Re-Release

EP. 48 | Somatic Experiencing-Re-Release

In this episode of Mindful Conversation with KAY, Kelly & Kristi continue the conversation about physical responses to emotions with a re-release of Episode 31: Somatic Work.

Our bodies have evolved with a primal response system to perceived threats, known as the fight, flight, or freeze response. This response is a natural survival mechanism that activates when we encounter danger or stress — whether we choose it or not! By exploring the fight, flight, or freeze response, we can better understand and regulate our emotional experiences.

Somatic work is an approach that recognizes the mind-body connection and focuses on integrating physical experiences to release emotions. By paying attention to bodily sensations, we can gain insight into our emotional experiences and initiate healing from within.

Tune in as Kelly and Kristi dig into this fascinating topic by exploring questions like:

  1. What, exactly, is somatic experiencing?
  2. How can we use physical movements to get mentally/emotionally “unstuck”?
  3. How can we instill mindful awareness of physical cues in children?
  4. How do we become ‘Body Detectives’?
  5. How can we integrate somatic work into our Kids Yoga and Mindfulness classes?

Healing begins within the body, and by cultivating mindfulness and exploring somatic work, we can embark on a transformative journey toward emotional well-being. Join us!

This episode is part of a series. Be sure to tune in all month for thoughtful conversations about physical responses to feelings and emotions and helpful ways to manage and process them for both adults and children.

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