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Mindful Transitions Part 3 – Middle School

EP. 61|Mindful Transitions Part 3 – Middle School

The transition to middle school is a big step on the road to maturity. Regardless of what specific grade marks the beginning of middle school in your community, your child may be feeling both excited and afraid. (And you, too!)

The transition is often complex. As young adolescents are changing school buildings they are also changing hormonally, mentally, and physically, but like all transitions, with some advance planning and open discussions, you can substantially ease your child’s mind and ensure a smooth shift into this new space.

In this episode of Mindful Conversation with KAY podcast, Kelly and Kristi continue the conversation about transitions with the ‘big leap’ from elementary to middle school.

Listen in as the discuss:

  1. Being your child’s mentor and sounding board
  2. Supporting your child’s independences and boosting their sense of responsibility
  3. Understanding potential concerns your child may be having
  4. Establishing a yoga practice to support the physical changes

This episode is part of a series so be sure to listen Part 1: The First School Experience & Part 2: The Start of Kindergarten for more thoughtful conversations and suggestions.

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