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Yoga Class Theme: Transportation

Are your little yogis fans of Thomas the Tank Engine? How about the movie Cars? Do they dream of flying planes or exploring the ocean in a submarine? Capture their imaginations and attention with a whole yoga class based on transportation!

Feet: Our basic mode of transportation is our feet! But they get trapped in shoes and get a bit stinky by the end of the day. So when it is time to release the tootsies, refresh them and make the room smell great with Really Stinky Feet spray. The spray can be made with water and a few drops of essential oils (lavender, tea tree, citrus, eucalyptus, mint, etc). Mix up a batch, put it in a spray bottle and the invite children to come into a gentle shoulderstand – or, to be even safer, just have them lie down and extend their legs (and bare feet) to the ceiling. Then make a big fuss about how stinky their feet are while spraying their feet lightly. Kidding Around Yoga has a song about Really Stinky Feet and even sells a premade spray!

Trains: All aboard! Begin your train exploration with Train Breath – inhale and exhale through your nose with a slightly forceful sound. Start slowly and then build up speed. You’ll hear the train coming down the track, getting closer and closer. Then allow your breath to slow down again, eventually coming back to a normal breathing pattern. Then climb aboard the train and travel with Tushy Walking. Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front of you. “Walk” forward (and backward) by just shuffling your bottom forward, one side at a time. You could have races or sit side-by-side and move as a group. Finally, sit cross-legged, one person in front of the other in a line. You’ll need to be very close so your hands can reach the person in front of you. Now you have a Massage Train! Gently give the person in front of you a back massage. After a few minutes, turn around and give the person behind you a massage, too! Again, Kidding Around Yoga has a fun song for the Massage Train.

Boats: Start with the basic Boat pose. Sit on your mat and lift your legs and arms so you look like a ‘V’. Keep your belly pulled in tightly to protect your back. What do you see while cruising in your boat?  Can you make a kayak? Keep your ‘V’ position, but now “row” your kayak side-to-side with your arms. You can make a canoe, too. Instead of side-to-side rowing, with your legs up reach forward and pull back, like you are pulling oars through the water. How about a motor boat? Just make a regular boat but this time kick your feet rapidly and make a motor boat sound. If you have a scarf, you can make a sailboat, too! For more fun, try A Yogi Went to Sea:

Airplanes: Begin with the basic airplane pose (called Locust in adult classes). Lying on your belly, extend your legs long behind you and arms long in front. Soar through the air, leaning left and right. Where are you going? What do you see below you? If you see a camel, do a Camel pose and then get back on the plane and fly more. Maybe you’ll see a Dolphin, a Bridge, or a Tree? Your imagination can fly free! In the KAY song, Yummy Yoga,  you fly all around the world sampling food from different cultures.

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