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Go With the Flow – Let Creativity Clear the Path

It is everywhere, in all sorts of places and practices, including yoga and mindfulness. What is it? It is the idea of “flow.” Going with it, feeling it, letting it move through us…Flow is what keeps us going.

Yoga teaches us to explore that flow. We move “within” and listen to our feelings and emotions with a sense of detachment. We feel, acknowledge and then let go of the flow of thoughts with the understanding that holding on to the thought robs us from our ability to be truly present in the moment. If we cling to thoughts and feelings, we can’t go with the flow.

Flowing through life in a conscious way implies seeking meaning and experiences that breakthrough and that are expanding to our mind and soul. Sometimes this flow may lead to disillusionment and not-so-happy feelings, like loss and confusion. Thankfully, with practice, reassurance and purpose these emotions might simply flow through and are only guiding us to our deeper inner work of integration, expansion and joy.   

When we are in the flow, we stop labeling things and people as “good” or “wrong.” We stop pointing at the barriers in our way because we know to trust the path, the exact one we are on, and just keep moving forward. 

Creativity plays an important part in going with the flow, because creativity is how we maintain that forward movement. We recognize that not everything works for us every single time, that we are creatures of change and so are our surroundings. But we use our resources and creativity to get back into the flow and go with the changes.

Some of my personal favorite resources to promote creativity and an easy flow are journaling and gratitude practices. Dancing, listening to music and making things of all sorts also keep me open and moving. Crafts and art are two of my passions and the way I maintain sanity and stay gently in my flow. And I’m not alone! Studies show how we get happier when we make things with our own hands. 

I would be stifling your creativity and individuality if I tell you “how” to be creative! So, all I’m going to say is EXPLORE. Do not get stubbornly set on a certain path or activity. Add a little spice, movement or twist when you feel stuck or out of your flow. Chances are the product will amaze and inspire you. 

Explore your desires, those things that make your soul shine, and feel free to embrace the chaos in between! There is not a truly creative process without some mess, because if you are deeply into creativity, you are in your flow, you are focused and totally immersed in that creative process, all those small details and “ways to do things” do not matter at all! We are at our creative peak when we are listening to our soul rather than our ego or any “outside voices.” And guess what? That is the exact time when you are truly flowing! Even better, that “flow” will get deep into your soul, it will move with you through what you do, it will establish roots, floating roots.

Creativity is how we share our soul with the world, and flowing is what keeps us re-inventing and re-imagining! Art is in the eye of the beholder: art can be in the way you dress, in your hair, your food, your writing…when you love art, you see it everywhere! Try it for yourself. See yourself as both a masterpiece and a creative work in progress. Flow through life knowing every moment is precious and ripe for creativity.

As long as we keep finding ways to express ourselves, to allow our inner child to play and our souls to meet in this space we live in, we get close to unity. We get close to being our highest expression of a flowing creative soul. Give your children ample opportunity to tap into their flows, too. Teach them to create and follow their own path. Watch them flow.


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