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Exploring Mindfulness with Author Maria Moore

EP. 56|Exploring Mindfulness with Author Maria Moore

Happiness looks and feels different for everyone, but how we get there is often quite similar: through a deep connection with ourselves.

Maria Castelluci Moore, entrepreneur, writer, and mother of 4, joins Kristi and Kelly on this week’s episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY.

Their engaging interview dives deeper into the unique experience of happiness and how slowing down and paying attention to our surroundings can lead to a new, fresh perspective — at any age.

Listen in as they discuss:

  • Maria’s personal journey into a mindfulness practice
  • Maria’s inspiration to write Vivienne in Paris
  • How Maria instils mindfulness in her home with her family through simple “rituals”
  • Supporting children with focusing on their senses and tuning into the present moment

Purchase Vivienne in Paris directly from her website:

Also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, and wherever books are sold.

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