Yoga, Spirituality, and Self-discovery: A conversation with Lisa Schreiber

EP. 54 | Yoga, Spirituality, and Self-discovery: A conversation with Lisa Schreiber

In this episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY, Kelly and Kristi interview fellow KAY teacher Lisa Schreiber, an adult and kids yoga teacher, children’s book author, and mom.

The interview dives into Lisa’s inspiring journey into the world of yoga, her path into teaching yoga, and her inspiration for writing her first book, The Promise of Shabbat: Yoga Poses for Happy Kids.

During the conversation, Kelly, Kristi, and Lisa also touch upon the long-debated question: is yoga a religion, each sharing their thoughts on the topic and how they navigate this intersection in their teachings.

Tune in to this episode for an enriching discussion on yoga, spirituality, and self-discovery!

Purchase Lisa’s book on Amazon or reach out to her for a signed copy. Lisa is available for in-person or virtual book readings. And give her a follow on Instagram or Facebook!

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