Visualize Your Business Blossoming

Meditation is a fantastic practice to lead a less stressful life.  Meditation creates an alpha state so the mind is relaxed, present, and receptive. It creates a state of being still instead of busykids yoga teaching training. The senses become enhanced: sights, sounds, touching, feeling are all brighter and clearer, more intense. With meditation, practioners are more in touch with and understand their feelings. It can lead to greater happiness and self acceptance.

Visualization is a great preparation for learning to meditate. Creative visualization is like a picture story you create in your head. The story keeps the mind focused on one thing-keeping the mind from jumping from one thought to another. I have created a personal picture story about growing an idea to help me visualize growing my children’s yoga business. Here’s my story:

Spring is the time for new beginnings. The weather is near perfect: the flowers are blooming, leaves are popping out on trees, and birds are singing.

Many religions celebrate the beginning of life. No matter what religion you practice or don’t practice, you can’t help but get caught up in the rhythm of life. There is a cycle within us that we naturally follow. Everything in nature begins again, grows, stays the same, and then dies. Take this time to embrace spring, begin to meditate on new adventures, whatever they may be. yoga kids teacher training

Imagine in detail a dream you have, whether it is a new class, new business adventure, or simply personal growth. Visualize this idea as a tiny seed. How will you take care of the seed? You will nurture the seed and start to care for it. This could mean making phone calls, writing a business plan, or catching up with an old friend. All these things will give life to your seed. See yourself carrying out every step of the plan.

The seed will then start to grow roots firmly anchored in the soil. Soon, a tiny green shoot will emerge out of the ground. It is still fragile. It needs lots of care. It needs to be sheltered and lovingly cared for. Soon, the leaves begin to uncurl taking the seed into the shape of a plant. How will you care for your new seedling? (This is where your “idea” takes on more life.) What can you do at this time for your idea? lily-1180307_1280Maybe the leaves are opening up to the sun. What does the sun represent to you? The sun can be other people helping your idea along. The sun gives us life. Remember, we need to water our plant and give it lots of sunlight. How big will you allow your seedling to grow? Has it become a plant with a beautiful flower? Visualize the plant flourishing in the garden. Bees, birds and butterflies are all around it. Maybe, the flower goes to seed, but the plant is still rooted in the ground and may appear each season. Or, the tiny seeds ride on the wind to other parts of the garden or even into other yards where they land and the cycle of life may begin again.


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