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The Benefits of Tapping and Shaking for Children

EP. 49 | The Benefits of Tapping and Shaking for Children

Welcome back to Mindful Conversation with KAY! In this episode, Kelly and Kristi continue the discussion on the physical responses to emotions by diving into the world of tapping and shaking.

Tapping and shaking offer numerous advantages for children, including:

  1. Promote blood flow throughout the body, helping children feel more energized and focused.
  2. Release muscle tension, promoting relaxation and reducing physical discomfort.
  3. Engage the body’s sensory system, enhancing children’s overall reactions and coordination.
  4. Provides a healthy outlet for anxiety, allowing children to release pent-up emotions and find calmness in their bodies.

Tune in as they explore fun and engaging ways to incorporate tapping and shaking through games, music, props, and encouraging conversation!

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