Five Reasons to be Thankful for Yoga

There are many reasons to be thankful for yoga, such as increased health, decreased stress, and a chance to unwind. This also applies to kids too! There are much cooler reasons why kids (and adults) should be grateful for yoga. So, in honor of Thanksgiving, here are 5 reasons to be thankful for yoga, kid style!

Making yogi friends

Yoga class is a time to meet new people and get to know one another. After practicing together and learning new poses, people become friends in no time. Your yogi friends remind you when to breathe if you’re feeling upset and they stand by your side to let you know that friendship is worth it. Your yoga friends listen to you, help you, and always offer a smile, ‘cuz that’s what yogis do!

Seeing the world differently

As soon as you step inside your yoga class and put your yoga goggles on, the world is just different. Yoga allows you to see the good in everyone and everything. Yoga changes your perspective in and out of class and for that, you are ever grateful. Being able to walk through a crowded store and see all the people shop for food to nourish their family rather than seeing people “get in your way” is a special gift that allows you to remain calm and connected.

Helps us feel good about our bodies

When you master a new pose or master another minute in complete stillness and silence, you feel like a King or Queen of the world! Yoga is hard work. It requires a ton of focus to be able to meditate to more than a millisecond and it takes a ton of balance to become a big, tall tree. Yoga helps you realize what your growing body is capable of, and you know that it is an amazing thing. In and out of your practice, you listen to your body and what is says. This ability gives you confidence to walk in your body with pride.

We get an hour with no pressure

Yoga class may be the only time of day that you get a few seconds to just breathe and be with no expectations or demands of you. Throughout the day you do school work, then teams, then chores. It can be really tough to have to go, go, go even as a spring chicken (that’s what we old people call young people!). When you come to a yoga class, you finally get to lie down and imagine your favorite place in the universe in completely quiet. Ahhhh.

Games and cool music

Yoga is awesome because it’s more than just poses, breathing, and meditating. All are awesome, but you also love the cool games that get your brain and mind in gear and prepare your body for relaxing.  Playing fun games while listening to your favorite music makes you smile from ear to ear! It’s part of the bigger deal, and without it, you just wouldn’t feel complete.

You could probably list a dozen more reasons why you are thankful for yoga! We have so many reasons to show our gratitude to this ancient, tried-and-true practice. Namaste Yogis!


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