“No Worries” Fairy – A Kids’ Yoga Craft

fairy-1I am here especially for you…to share and tell your worries to.
I will listen to what you say then will take your worries away!

Are you looking for a fun and relaxing craft activity for your family? “No Worries” Fairies are fun to make and a helpful way to deal with life stressors! Children can tell their fairy any worries they may have. The fairy always listens and will try to make them feel better!

Supplies Needed:
Yarn (for body)
Thicker Yarn (for hair)
Double sided tape or glue dots
Adhesive rhinestones
2 pieces of Felt
Flower decals/silk flowers
Mini pan or box for bed

fairy-21. Cut yarn so that it is long enough to cover the body of your fairy. Tie a knot below the head and save room for a necklace.

2. Start to wrap the yarn around by holding the clump of yarn in one hand. Wrap all the way around the top of the body.

3. Once you reach one leg, weave the yarn around its leg. Tie a knot at the end.

fairy-54. Make a knot at the top of the other leg and weave around until the end. Tie a knot.

5. Cut flower so that there is a slit in one side. Cut out the middle of the flower so that you can wrap the skirt around the fairy.

6. Wrap the flower around the fairy and use double-sided tape or glue dots to keep it in place.

fairy-87. Add rhinestones to the neck to make a necklace.

8. Cut out felt to make fairy wings. Use glue dots or tape to stick the wings on the back of your fairy.

9. Cut a piece of the thicker yarn for the hair. Add glue dot to top of the head and press down.

fairy-1110. Put your fairy in her fairy bed (mini pan) and cover with a felt blanket. Feel free to decorate the blanket as well!



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