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Episode 9

“Music: A Mind and Body Experience”

Listen here…

Show Notes

Listening to music is more than an auditory task – it is a full body (and full mind) experience! In this episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY, Kelly and Kristi discuss the power of using music in our homes and classrooms.

Join the conversation as they talk about:

  • Music’s physiological effects on the brain and body
  • The link between academics and music
  • Rhythm and movement as part of the musical experience
  • How music encourages creativity and shifts energy
  • Using music to reset an anxious mind
  • How music is a full sensory experience
  • Mindfully Incorporating music into your home and/or classroom
  • Why consistency is key
  • Musical brain breaks


FREE download of a popular Kidding Around Yoga song!

Download Joggin’ Through the Jungle HERE.

Watch the video on YouTube for the choreography.


Magical Music


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Join hosts Kristi Fischer and Kelly Winkler, Kidding Around Yoga trainers, moms, and educators, for some lighthearted and insightful conversations, where we take a deep dive into all things Kids Yoga and mindfulness.

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