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Episode 18

“Emotional Resilience Through the Practice of Compassion”

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Show Notes

Compassion builds emotional resilience, a trait we want for our children and ourselves (and for the world, as a whole).

But how do we encourage compassionate behaviors and mindsets? Mindfulness practices, of course!

This episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY explores the critical importance of compassion and empathy in our children’s growth.

Kelly and Kristi explore compassion by discussing:

  • How mindfulness practices counteract the destructive results of feeling shame and guilt
  • Modeling self-compassion for your children’s benefit
  • Using the Heart Hold gesture to physically stimulate self-compassion
  • Making partner poses and group activities a practice in empathy and compassion
  • Literature that reinforces compassion

Links to products/people mentioned in the podcast:

Dr. Dan Siegel

Brene Brown

Butterfly Hug

Crab and Whale

Link of pertinent blogs:

Compassion Through Yoga

Mindfulness Activities for the Family

Loving-Kindness for All


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