Dollar Store Yoga Props

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. One that always shocks people.  Gathering yoga materials and props for classes can be done CHEAP. Yep, you don’t have to spend a fortune at all.  Dollar stores can be your very best friend when it comes to outfitting your “yoga box”. You can find and/or make just about anything to assist with poses, create a craft, and aid in yogic practices such as pranayama (breathing) and meditation.  Most things actually withstand what I like to call “maximum usage levels” and all travel really well. 

·       Washcloths, towels, and microfiber shammies.  You can use washcloths for cleaning of course, but they can also be used for cooling off when the weather is just towels-1511875_640too hot! Soak in some cool water, place on the neck, and voila, instant cool-down.  Towels can be used as makeshift bolsters/pillows. They work especially well for little ones.  Roll the towel into a cylindrical shape, place under the back or head, and rest more comfortably at the end of class.  Kids love the softness the towels provide while in savasana. Microfiber towels provide excellent traction when used as mat-toppers.  Many people, especially those who feel more “slippery” (the cutest description I’ve heard!), really prefer to have a dry mat when they practice. 

·       Flowers, vases, picture frames, and posters.  For people who practice in the same space routinely, you might like to dress it up.  It’s always nice to be able to walk into a designated space that motivates you and is aesthetically pleasing.  Sometimes, just our atmosphere can make a big difference in how we think and behave. Hey, it might even encourage you to practice more and meditate longer!

·       Buckets and baskets.  You cannot go wrong with more containers and organization when kids are involved! That said, dollar stores often have plastic baskets that make excellent “hoops” for balls, discs, and pom-poms. By having different sized baskets, you can tailor the activity and change up the rules to fun games!

·       Crafting supplies (markers, glue, beads, pom-poms).  One of the best things art-supplies-957576_640about teaching/practicing kids’ yoga is that you can incorporate so many activities, games, stories, etc. into a class.  Yoga is everywhere and in everything we do.  Kids really get what it means to practice living a yogic life when we show them all the different facets of yoga.  Crafting brings out our creativity, helps us focus, and can be themed to help students reflect on each yoga class.  It is easy to find pretty much all your crafting needs at dollar stores.

·       Miscellaneous (flashlights, stickers, balls, gloves, scarves, cotton balls etc.).  I could go on and on, but then this blog would be like the “Song That Never Ends” or is it “The Neverending Story”?

There are so many products available at dollar stores that you can use as yoga tools; it’s unbelievable. It just takes a bit of creativity and ingenuity.  Being able to gather up supplies easily and affordably means that more kids get to do yoga- and who would object to that?!


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