Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a Kidding Around Yoga trainer, one of the most exciting jobs in the universe! Make sure to read this page in its’ entirety before you decide whether you should begin your journey to become a Kidding Around Yoga trainer.

**IMPORTANT** Each step in the process of becoming a KAY Trainer is mindfully placed where it is for a reason. The filling out of this application and the entire process is a part of the demonstration to us that YOU are perfect for this job. If the application is incomplete, or the steps in the process are done out of order, it shows a lack of concentration, attention to detail or other skills that are an essential part of the skill-set of a great KAY Trainer. Please take your time, read everything thoroughly and make sure that you are doing your best when you complete this process. We do not have time to walk you through the process or hunt down videos that are not attached to the application. Find a teenager if you need help.  =)

If you have already been in contact with Haris about becoming a KAY Trainer, please note that this process also applies to you. It is essential that you follow the steps below, in order, and that you have an approved application prior to your second KAY training. Your designated Training Coordinator is your Hiring Manager, so it is important that you are in touch with her from the start.

Success = Getting it right the first time


  1. You must have taught a minimum of 25 KAY classes on your own after you graduated from a live 2-day KAY training.
  2. You must have completed, or be enrolled in, a Yoga Alliance approved 200-hour basic yoga teaching certification program.
  3. You must qualify as a Continuing Education Provider by Yoga Alliance Standards. Check your eligibility here: Continuing Ed Provider Requirements
  4. You must download and read the Potential KAY Trainers – Job Requirements form as well as the Trainer Application PDF in their entirety. DO NOT COMPLETE THESE FORMS YET.

STEP ONE – GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR DESIGNATED TRAINING COORDINATOR to let her know you are interested in becoming a trainer.

Melody Herscher, US Training Coordinator: Melody@kiddingaroundyoga.com

Mandy Lawson, Central/South America & Canada Training Coordinator: Mandy@kiddingaroundyoga.com

Felicitas Scheel, Europe & Beyond Training Coordinator: Felicitas.scheel@kiddingaroundyoga.com

If you meet all of the requirements, and you feel like this is the job for you, please email your training coordinator (TC) to request a Zoom meeting. During this meeting, your TC will discuss the process with you and will answer your questions. Following the meeting, she will let you know via email whether or not you have the go-ahead to fill out the application form to become a KAY Trainer. IF given the go-ahead, you will have two weeks (14 days) to submit your application.

STEP TWO – Fill out the Official Trainer Application. Remember that this must be done within 14 days of receiving an email from your TC giving you the go-ahead to apply. Prepare all of your answers ahead of time by using the PDF we provided you in the Requirements section. Take your time and make sure you fill in every question.

Things to Note About the Application:

  • The application will take approximately 1.5-2 hours of time to complete and you have to complete it in one sitting, so plan accordingly. You don’t want your hard work to get lost.
  • We do not require you to use children in your video. We prefer plastic cups or beanie babies. They are very well behaved and will not provide distractions.
  • The video of your 30 minute class must follow the KAY outline perfectly. If you want to be successful on your first try, follow the script provided in your online training and in the pinned Announcement post in the KAY Teachers International FB forum, watch the video of Haris teaching a complete class (in your OKAY modules) and use this 30-Minute Class Outline for Applications.
  • All videos and attachments must be IN the application and functioning properly. Take your time to triple check your work before submitting. It is extremely common that we receive an application and, unfortunately, if the video/FB group links are not viewable, that sets us back a lot. If you want to upload via Vimeo and you don’t have an account, let us know and you can use ours. #mindfulness
  • We cannot accept incomplete applications. Take your time. Don’t be in a rush!

STEP THREE – Wait for your TC to contact you to accept or deny your application. If accepted, your TC will work with you to complete the next steps. See below for the steps that follow.

STEP FOUR: AFTER YOU ARE ACCEPTED – complete the steps outlined below in the order they are listed to the best of your ability. 

Steps marked with an asterisk (*) should be ongoing and worked on throughout the “Become A Trainer” process.

Download and print a copy of the Trainer Checklist.

  1. Complete and submit the Potential KAY Trainers – Job Requirements form that tells you about what we require from our trainers.
  2. Review and sign the KAY Trainers Agreement (Contract): Trainer Agreement
  3. *Teach a minimum of 50 KAY classes (you already have at least 25 under your belt).
  4. Become a licensee. All trainers must be a paying licensee for a minimum of four months before their first training. Think of it like a $76 application fee to become a trainer. CHEAP! Sign up now if you are not one already. Become a Licensee
  5. Start research on potential training locations for YOUR future trainings.
  6. *Take a total of THREE live Kidding Around Yoga trainings, one of which must be with Haris. Consult with your TC about which you will attend and how to register. If your 2nd or 3rd training is with Haris, it will be at no cost to you. Otherwise, you will be charged the appropriate retake fee. Note that you must facilitate your first training within 6 mos. of your 3rd attended training or you will be required to attend another live training at the appropriate retake price.
  7. Complete TOT (Trainer’s Online Training). Your TC will add it to your online trainings BEFORE you attend your second live training.
  8. Schedule your Zoom # 2 with your TC AFTER you attend your 2nd live training to discuss the flow of your responsibilities as a trainer.
  9. Check to ensure that you have accepted the invite to join the Kidding Around Yoga Trainer’s forum AFTER​ you have completed your third​ live training. Allow one week for your TC to complete before inquiring.
  10. Check to ensure you have administrative access to the Kidding Around Yoga Teachers International Facebook forum AFTER​ you have completed your third​ live training. Allow one week for your TC to complete before inquiring.
  11. Complete the Trainer Exam AFTER​ you attend your third​ live training. Ask your TC for the link to the Trainer Exam. Your TC will contact you AFTER she grades it to schedule your 3rd Zoom to discuss your exam and any loose ends that need to be tied up.
  12. You have TWO months to get your first training on the calendar AFTER​ attending your third​ live training. If you are unable to book a training in two months, we may remove you from the position as a KAY trainer.
  13. Check to make sure your KAY web page looks OMazing for your new potential visitors.
  14. Schedule a final check-in to review important items with your TC approximately two weeks before you are scheduled to facilitate your first training.
  15. Schedule a check-in with Haris (contact her via email or text) approximately one week before you are scheduled to facilitate your first training.

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