Kidding Around Yoga Trainer Agreement

Kidding Around Yoga Trainer Agreement

On this _____ day of _________, in the year of ____________,(Required)
The following agreement is made by and between the parties;(Required)

Kidding Around Yoga :
here in after known as KAY.

the KAY Trainer:


IT IS HEREBY AGREED, that the following requirements are necessary and must be completed by the individual above in order to become a Kidding Around Yoga Trainer. KAY Trainers are considered contractors. As such, Trainers are responsible for filing their own taxes and complying with all national and local laws. Kidding Around Yoga does not guarantee to provide you with work.

Trainer Requirements:

  1. KAY reserves the right to use their discretion and decide how many KAY trainings need to be completed by an individual in order to become a trainer.
  2. The Trainer in Training may be asked to assist in trainings after completing their second training. Details are in the TOT course (Trainer's Online Training).
  3. The Trainer in Training should follow any new trainer guidelines as spelled out in TOT
  4. Teach approximately 50 classes in a variety of settings. KAY reserves the right to use their discretion when deciding on a final number of classes.
  5. Become a licensee with KAY by following all of the necessary guidelines on the website. It is required to be a licensee for 4 months prior to a Trainer's first training. The Trainer is responsible for canceling their licensee payments once the first training is on the calendar. This step is important because you get the hands on experience that makes you a better trainer.
  6. As a Licensee you will obtain a website and email address through KAY
  7. Study the Trainer's Online Training (TOT) extensively and review the KAY manual. Review anything you need to go over with your Training Coordinator. You must own all items for the Bag O' Tricks in order to effectively lead a training and share your experience with others.
  8. You must have or be enrolled in a 200 hour Training and be at least 1/2 way through before your first scheduled training.
  9.  It is necessary to be professional in every aspect of training and/or teaching a KAY class. This includes but is not limited to looking professional and dressing appropriately (Ashram attire). Therefore, professional yoga clothes, clean yoga pants and a KAY shirt should be worn during any and all KAY trainings.
  10. A Trainer should have the understanding that training weekends are physically demanding. KAY trusts that the Trainer will acknowledge this by taking care of their health. Additionally, preparations are taken during the week prior to ensure health and readiness for the upcoming training. In light of COVID and life, we understand that people get sick unexpectedly, therefore, if there is any concern with the aforementioned or any possibility of cancellation, the Trainer should contact the training coordinator immediately.
  11. The Trainer must have their own insurance to cover themselves during any and all of their trainings. By signing this document, the Trainer agrees that is not liable for any injuries or illnesses incurred while training or traveling for trainings. Make sure to provide a copy of your current insurance policy coverage to if you have not done so already.

Therefore, we are AGREED, once the individual has completed all of the above and becomes an accepted KAY trainer, they can expect the following:


KAY will provide the Trainer with a digital version of the most current manual. The Trainer hereby agrees to follow the most current KAY Trainer manual and to use it as a guideline for any and all KAY Trainings. Trainer is responsible for printing and having sufficient manuals and graduation certificates for each participant in their training. We will reimburse you $15 each for the cost of printing plus a portion of this reimbursement is expected to cover other supplies you may use in a training, ie: knotta mala string, clear plastic sleeves for certificates. etc. The manual is available with advance purchase for about $8.00 ea. from most online print shops or they can be purchased through the KAY account at Office Depot, or they can be made at any print shop near home or near your training. Prices may change and we will adjust if necessary.

Travel Stipend:

On a case-by-case basis a stipend of One Hundred and Fifty ($150.00) Dollars will be allotted for food and travel expenses during travel for a training. The stipend will only be considered if the trainer is traveling a minimum of thirty (30) miles away from home and if a hotel room is required in order to attend the training, please discuss this with your Training Coordinator and submit the appropriate form as soon as possible.


Travel expenses should generally be les than $600. If they will be higher, approval should be requested from the TC. KAY will pay or reimburse for all reasonable travel expenses. We need your help to plan accordingly.


All participants of the trainings (trainees) sign a waiver upon their registration, removing KAY or any of its trainers from liability and authorizing the use of photos or videos taken during the class. You acknowledge that KAY may use any photo or video of the event without additional compensation.

With regards to the children and families that attend the free community class given during the training, it is necessary that the Trainer have the parents sign a waiver if the class is held in person. If held virtually, although waivers are preferred, they are not required.

Please have each parent sign an electronic or hard copy waiver either beforehand or at the beginning of class (in-person classes). This form will be available online/as a PDF in the Trainer’s FB forum and in the KAY Trainer Handbook.


A training is not successful if there are no children for the free community class. It is imperative that the trainer makes sure AND CONFIRMS there will be children for the class. This is very important. If the trainer feels 10 days before that they are unable to find children for the class it is their responsibility to contact their training coordinator to ask for assistance, perhaps in boosting the FB ad. No excuses, just communicate. Trainer has the option of showing the video of Haris' class and pausing to discuss the action.

Everyone’s financial success is based on a minimum of eight (8) full paying people at a training. Based on the necessary expenses of the training, KAY reserves the right to cancel a training due to low attendance.

While we will usually allow a training to proceed if there are 4 or more people, each case is different and we will include the trainer in discussions if there is a problem with attendance.

It is in everyone’s financial interest to fill the trainings. As a KAY Trainer there are many things that can be done to increase attendance. You will be provided with a list of activities that can help with this effort.


Trainers should go over the training packing list VERY closely to make sure they have all of the items required for fulfilling a successful training. Including Knotta Mala string and beads, Stinky Feet Spray, Music playlist, pom poms, silly costumes/props, etc.

Trainer may create or buy merchandise at wholesale prices to sell at the training. This is a good way to make additional income from your trainings.


Trainer needs to be prepared with PPE and cleaning supplies to ensure everyone is safe. See the PDF with recommendations. KAY will reimburse you for money spent on these supplies.


KAY will post the Trainer’s trainings on their website, Facebook page and in the monthly newsletter. We have ongoing advertisements on Facebook and Google platforms. Plus, we are using advertising agencies to increase our reach and appeal.

KAY will guide the Trainer and support them in many ways. Once the Trainer becomes a Licensee, they will find “support” posted in the Licensee forum on Facebook as well as in the Licensee course on the Teachable platform. The KAY Trainer's Handbook (linked in the pinned post of the Trainer's forum on Facebook) includes a folder of marketing and promotional tools, tips and ideas. The Trainer’s success as well as KAY’s success relies upon everyone working together to fill trainings.


Once a training is arranged and a host location form has been received, the KAY office will handle all details i.e.; booking the room, accepting payment and registrations, communicating with all participants/trainees, etc. Once the training is on our site the Trainer will get $100 of their total compensation for the work they have completed so far. If for any reason the training is canceled the trainer will keep the $100.

The Trainer is responsible for sending a pre-training letter to all of their trainees between Monday and Wednesday of the week leading up to the training to introduce themselves and share reminders and updates. In addition, the Trainer's job is to help promote the training from the time it is officially booked until training weekend and to be well rested and organized so you can show up and teach a phenomenal training.


There are not and will not be territories assigned to trainers. However, in an effort to be fair and yogic-minded, KAY would like trainers to follow some guidelines. It is in the Trainer’s best interest to first develop trainings in towns where you know individuals, where you have a potential free place to stay, and where you might be able to secure a training space, i.e.; a yoga studio, a hotel space, a JCC or a YMCA. Additionally, it is beneficial for the Trainer to choose an area where they know individuals who might go out and post flyers/posters for them, and of course, sign up for their training!

Once the Trainer has secured a training site, it has been set up with the KAY office and it’s official, this Trainer will have future precedence in this town/area (within 30 miles of initial training location for cities with less than five million people) for the next training there, but ONLY if he/she sets it up within 30 days of the last training. This is with the understanding and idea that it will be easier to fill a training in a location for a second time as the Trainer has built up some credibility. If the Trainer does not reserve the area within 30 days of the last training, the Trainer understands that the area will be available for another Trainer to book a training close to the first training. In larger cities the distance rule does not apply, but trainings should not be scheduled on top of the other training either in physical distance or date. The Training Coordinator will decide any issues. Kidding Around Yoga reserves the right to make changes based on exceptional situations.

We are in and exceptional situation this year so reach out to us if you have a place you want to go.

If KAY secured the training site without the referral of the Trainer, then KAY has the right to choose the next trainer.


By signing this Agreement, the Trainer agrees to not teach another Kids Yoga Teacher Training for yourself or another Kids Yoga Training Company during your association with KAY or within two years of your departure from KAY.

You acknowledge, that you have been given unique resources and tools by KAY to help you succeed and develop your business, therefore, it would be unfair to use those tools or training to compete against KAY.

Payment Structure:

Trainings with 7 or less participants may be cancelled.
The trainer will earn 30% of the net profit as compensation for leading the training for 2 days.

The net profit equals the total amount received, less the following expenses.

  1. Training Room Rental
  2. Travel Expenses, including stipend
  3. Safety supplies, PPE
  4. Manuals, certificates, string, etc. ($12 each if trainer pays for
    manuals. $1 each, if KAY pays for manuals.)
  5. Advertising fee
  6. Administration fee $10.00 each attendee.

The total amount received is calculated by using the actual amount received by KAY after credit card fees are paid and then subtracting any "finders fees" if any are to be paid.

If foreign currency will need to be converted, there is an additional 1.% charge to the "amount received" to cover a portion of the conversion fees.

Advertising Fee: While each individual training is advertised specifically in its own geographic location, there are also advertisements that are more general in nature and they drive traffic to our site where the customers find their trainings. We advertise nationally on Facebook and Google, plus, we use our own direct mail. We have professionals working on making sure our advertising is vibrant and effective. For all these services plus the actual advertising money spent, KAY will charge each training a $500 expense for advertising.

If we agree to go forward with a small training, KAY guarantees that the trainer will earn a minimum of $500 for a training at home and $400 for a training away from home after taking into account all fees and expenses.

Trainers earn an additional $50 for any student that becomes a KAY licensee within 14 days of their training.

If a student becomes a Licensee after later than 14 days then the student needs to reference which KAY person helped them make the decision in the application. The person or people named will split the bonus. Payment will be made on the month after the student completes all the requirements to become a licensee.

2022 Bonus:

If your training has more than 9 people attending, you will get an additional 5% and be paid a 35% commission on that training.

For a person to count as one of the required 9 people, the student has to be either, a studio freebie, or a paying customer.

You agree that if KAY gives away a free spot in your training or students who come as a studio freebie, your compensation will be $75 for that person's attendance and that person will count toward the 9 trainee threshold.

Your payment for the training will be calculated within one week of the submission of your Post Training Form. Payment will be made once a final figure is agreed upon, typically within 48 hours of your submission of your post training form. If you request Venmo or PayPal payment, there is a $5.00 fee for the extra effort involved that will be taken off the payment being sent.

Special arrangements can be made to send half of your payment before your training. A written request to your TC and KAY office will be required. The KAY office will need at least three (3) days notice in order to have the payment processed, so plan ahead accordingly if you want to take advantage of this.

All requests for scholarships should be brought to your Training Coordinator’s attention. Options such as discounts and freebies for needy folks and friends will be considered by KAY for deserving individuals, however, these will be taken on a case-by-case basis. KAY reserves the right to grant or deny an individual with opportunity.

Trainers will also be given their own personalized discount codes that they can give out as little or as much as they would like for any of the live trainings that they facilitate, remembering to be mindful of revenue overall. One of these discounts is for 15% and the other is 33%.

THIS AGREEMENT, shall be binding upon the parties and shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties.(Required)


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