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A Fun and Rewarding Career: The Business of Kids Yoga

EP. 57|A Fun and Rewarding Career: The Business of Kids Yoga

Jobs can be fun and rewarding. How do we know? Because we teach kids yoga!

On this week’s episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY, Kelly & Kristi discuss the business of kids yoga and their personal journeys offering yoga and mindfulness to children in a variety of settings.

Tune in as they dive deeper:

  • The different places they’ve successfully shared kids yoga
  • Steps to becoming a kids yoga teacher
  • What it looks like to teach kids yoga ‘full time’
  • Investments if transitioning into teaching yoga to kids

Is it possible to find a job you’re passionate about? Kristi sums it up perfectly: “Bottom line, this is the greatest job ever.”

Be sure to follow Kelly & Kristi on social media to see all the ways they share kids yoga and mindfulness in their communities and worldwide.

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