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A Conversation with the Author of The Yoga of Parenting, Sarah Ezrin

EP. 52 | A Conversation with the Author of The Yoga of Parenting, Sarah Ezrin

We show up to parenting without much formal training, however, our practice ‘on the mat’ can be applied to parenthood in many ways.

Sarah Ezrin, author, world-renowned yoga educator, content creator, and mama based in the San Francisco Bay Area, joins Kristi and Kelly on this episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY.

Kelly and Kristi’s engaging interview with Sarah inspires us to bring the wisdom of yoga into the parenting journey.

Listen in as they discuss:

  1. How Sarah discovered Yoga during college ‘by accident’
  2. Her lifelong goal of writing a book and how her ‘aha moment’ in the shower lead to her writing Yoga for Parenting
  3. Yoga’s role in developing our intuition and trust as parents
  4. Sarah’s favorite story from her book about Leah Kim, former Nike Global Ambassador
  5. The importance of yoga and mindfulness in schools and how it can benefit the entire family system

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