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Turning Mistakes into Milestones: Empowering Children to Learn and Grow

EP. 56|Turning Mistakes into Milestones: Empowering Children to Learn and Grow

Let’s face it, mistakes don’t feel good, but they are a natural and important part of life. We often view mistakes negatively, however, they provide the opportunity to learn and grow, to try something new, or view something from a different perspective.

Learning to handle a mistake gracefully and using it to your advantage is a valuable life skill. So, what can we do to help our children and students embrace their mistakes and reframe failures as opportunities for growth? How can we help them discover there are benefits to making mistakes?

Join Kelly and Kristi in this week’s episode of Mindful Conversation with KAY as they discuss how making mistakes can be a tool for growth. They dive deeper into the best ways to talk to our kids about making mistakes including:

  • Acknowledging that we don’t expect perfection
  • Reminding them our love is unconditional
  • Pointing outgrowth in specific areas
  • Not ‘rescuing’ and allowing kids to ‘screw up’
  • Acknowledging our own mistakes and sharing them with our kids.

And as Kelly points out, we are all a work in progress!

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