Teach Yoga, Get Rich. How?

So we previously shared an article on the “richness” of teaching yoga to adults or children. That article spoke briefly to the difficulty of making a living at teaching yoga, and also to the blessings that fill our cups to overflowing. So much so that many of us have given up luxuries previously enjoyed to live what we love doing—all the time, every day.

Rather than schedule our “teaching hobby” around our “real” jobs, we schedule everything else around the job that makes us feel really alive. We get up and do it every day, or a few days a week multiple times, and never feel like we are working. This is all great, but for those of you wondering HOW we pay our bills, let me share a few tips on how you too can make a living doing what you love.

Want to learn more? Take one of our blended trainings or even our online training! Hey, we can’t give away ALL of our secrets here. Think of this as a cake-testing. Want the whole piece of KAY-ke (like my play on words?), take the training.

It is often said, “yoga is for everybody.” Well, that is true and believing that statement is the first step in creatively designing your career path. Think: Yoga is for everybody and can be done anywhere!

At KAY, we encourage our teachers to go after the obvious contracts such as preschools, child care centers, private schools, after-school programs, community centers, yoga studios, free park classes, and the list goes on. In addition to the “easy” contracts to pursue, we also encourage creative thinking and have many teachers who spread the love at festivals, day camps, family yoga in their communities, on beaches, in Title 1 schools (gotta love those grants and fundraising campaigns), birthday parties, 5K races, health fairs, and even Girl Scout troops. Our teachers are given great resources for contacting potential locations, for pricing, marketing their classes, and even specific formats for executing some of these unique classes.

We truly love what we do at Kidding Around Yoga, and we want EVERYONE to love it too! Many of our teachers have taken the training just to learn how to work with their own children only to start teaching full-time themselves. It can be done, it is a lot of work, and it is very rewarding.

If you follow the tips and structures we provide for starting and growing your own business, then you have a recipe for success doing WHAT WE KNOW YOU WILL LOVE! In fact, maybe kids’ yoga isn’t your only style of teaching, or maybe you have a job in the “real world.” I almost guarantee that you will find ways to use what you learn at one of our trainings within your adult yoga classes, your classroom, your family, or even with your coworkers or employees. That alone holds value and expands the “richness” you experience in your life. Many struggle with placing a value on a spiritual practice like yoga. At KAY we teach you the yoga of business (not the business of yoga), and how to value yourself and your time rather than the yoga you teach.

If you love children, want to expand your yoga offerings, and are searching for more fulfillment in your work life, then consider taking advice from some experienced teachers who have made this yoga truly fund their lives (maybe slightly more simply). You can teach yoga for the love AND the money.

We look forward to helping even more people work towards creating a more peaceful world, one child at a time.


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