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VIRTUAL EduKAY Workshop Request (Private Group)

Complete this form if you are interested in coordinating a VIRTUAL EduKAY Workshop for your organization. Once received, our EduKAY Coordinator will contact you as soon as possible.

School/Location Address

Alternatively, the workshop can be presented on one day for 6 hours with a one hour lunch break in the middle.

On what dates would you like the EduKAY workshop presented? Please provide at least 3 options so we can try our best to easily accommodate your request.

Please provide at least 2 options for times so we can try our best to easily accommodate your request.

Once you confirm the EduKAY Workshop booking via email with the EduKAY Coordinator, our team will begin to work on creating and planning your event. The EduKAY Coordinator will contact you one week (7 days) prior to your first scheduled session date to ensure that the correct number of people are registered. If there are not enough people registered at that time, you will have three options to choose from.

  1. Go ahead with the workshop as planned and agree to pay Kidding Around Yoga for the minimum ($1595), regardless of how many people are registered. If the number of registrants changes by the time the sessions are held, we will charge you according to our previously arranged agreement.
  2. Reschedule the workshop for a later date.
  3. Cancel the workshop and you will not owe anything to Kidding Around Yoga.


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