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Morning TV Time… It’s A-O-KAY!

DVD Cover - Kidding Around YogaWe had a great morning! Even though I strive for every morning to be great, it doesn’t really happen. But this morning was great! Any idea why? Kidding Around Yoga’s DVD made our morning great. And not just the morning, but Lily (my 7-year-old) said she sang “Every Little Cell” all day at school and sang it through to bedtime!

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My mornings consist of baby and Lily eating breakfast, Lily getting ready for school (with 10 reminders from me), getting myself and MJ (my 1-year-old) ready for a play date or a stroller fitness class, feeding and walking the dogs, getting everything put away and us out the door. Lily is always the last one out and something is always forgotten (brushing hair, wearing socks in her shoes, her hair bands, a bracelet she can’t find, her lunch box). One day last week she couldn’t sleep and was up at 6 am. She picked up the baby when he woke up, brought him to me in bed, and she was fully dressed at 6:15 am. So we had lots of extra time on our hands. How to keep them entertained without ruining their minds soo early with TV? I pulled out the KAY DVD!

MJ was on the floor with me and Lily started grooving as soon as the music started. We went along with four songs before it was time to go to school. We jogged, breathed deeply, stretched, sat like a turtle, focused on balancing like a tree. It was all like a “warm-up” for our brains before the tough part of the day (school, work, being a parent).

Let’s just say the rest of the day was pretty great, too. In the car on the way home from school, Lily told me she had been singing “Every Little Cell” at school and at recess she taught the movements and tune to her best friend. At home, she got right to her homework with only one reminder and was so helpful with MJ while I made dinner.

So our early morning turned into a great morning and then into a great day! I couldn’t ask for much better from a DVD!

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