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Intuition: Helping our Children Use Their Inner Voice as a Guide

EP. 51 | Intuition: Helping our Children Use Their Inner Voice as a Guide

Whether your inner voice is loud and clear or more of a whisper, listening to it can be a great source of guidance when you need it most.

And in order to hear and trust that voice, adults and children alike need to be able to slow down, pause and notice the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that are coming up when making a choice or decision.

In this episode of Mindful Conversation with KAY, Kelly and Kristi discuss intuition and ‘turning up the volume’ of our inner voice.

Listen in as they discuss:

  1. Why it’s important for parents and children to tune into their intuition
  2. How yoga and mindfulness can support children in developing their intuition
  3. Asking helpful questions such as “What does it feel like in your body” and “Tell me more…” to encourage children to explore their feelings
  4. How we may unknowingly pass on the message to children to not trust their feelings
  5. Fun and engaging ways to teach children to pause, think, and develop confidence in the choices and decisions they make

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