blue-1239012_640In addition to all the amazing props, books, and CDs you need to start teaching yoga to children, you also need business knowledge. Here are the main components you should know right away:

Necessary Paperwork
When you start out as a yoga teacher, you need liability insurance. All studios and schools require you to be insured to teach yoga to children. It’s fairly inexpensive and easy to purchase online. TB Tests are another common requirement needed for teaching children, especially in a school setting. It’s a very quick test that you can take at your doctor’s office. Fingerprinting is a necessity when teaching kids yoga! Every school district and company can require a different set of fingerprinting. Once you have the schools scheduled, find a certified fingerprinting location and make copies to send to the school!

Social Media & Website
Starting with asking family and friends to “follow” you, creating a website and social media page is essential to your success! Without a website and Facebook, it’s difficult for parents to find you and clearly know your class times and mission. I’d recommend WordPress because it’s easy to use and they have various templates if you aren’t familiar with creating a website!

Word of Mouth Marketing
Building your kids’ yoga classes means starting out with word of mouth marketing. Try teaching a class at your local library, community center, and school. The more families you teach, the more you can grow your following! Contact any connections you may have and share your message.

Know your facts
School administrators, parents, and teachers may ask you the same question, “Why yoga for kids?” Be ready to answer with research and your story. They will be able to see your passion and learn about specific research that supports yoga for children. Be prepared by having a packet describing your program, research, and necessary paperwork.

Good luck and you can do it!

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