Virtual EduKAY Workshop


Perfect for individuals, smaller groups, limited budgets or remote locations, the Virtual EduKAY Workshop is a live-streaming, six hour professional development opportunity that gives teachers the skills necessary to introduce yoga, meditation and mindfulness into today’s demanding academic environment. Virtual EduKAY provides various tools and guides teachers on methods to integrate yogic concepts throughout the school day as they pertain to Behavior, Stress Management, and Health Awareness, all while increasing student engagement in a positive environment.

*If you are booking for a private group of eight people or more, please refer back to the private group options on the main EduKAY page.


Educators complete EduKAY with a toolbox filled with:

  • Songs, stories, activities, and games that can be used singularly or within a mini-lesson or class meeting.
  • Ways to select learning standards from reading, math, or other content areas that are yoga-adaptable.
  • Meditation and mindfulness techniques.
  • Breathing techniques to use for themselves and with their students.
  • Ways to consistently incorporate yoga techniques into mini-lessons for their students.
  • Yoga breaks at transitional times.
  • MUSIC INCLUDED!* Some of our very best Kidding Around Yoga music geared for elementary-aged children.
  • As an added bonus, your teachers will gain LIFETIME access to all of the online resources shared during the workshop.

Select the training that is most appropriate for the age group you teach:

The program consists of two 3-hour webinars with one of our expert Kidding Around Yoga trainer(s). Check out our currently available sessions below.  

  • Preschool-Lower Elementary
  • Elementary & PE
  • General Elementary
  • Middle/High School


Kids Yoga
Kids Yoga - 1

Preschool/Lower Elementary

 Elementary & PE

General Elementary

Middle/High School

yoga in the classroom
Kids Yoga - 2
Kids Yoga - 3

Interested in applying for a grant?

KAY knows that budgets are tight and schools often need funding for special trainings and workshops. That’s why we have worked with a professional grant writer to create templates for schools to use when seeking funding for an EduKAY Workshop. Using the templates is easy – just fill in the specifics for your school and send it to the funding sources of your choice. Money can be secured through governmental agencies, private organizations, community groups, and other philanthropic entities. Want more information on our grant templates? Click HERE.


Cancellation Policy

Kidding Around Yoga reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the Virtual EduKAY Workshop up to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session start time. If less than eight people are registered 24 hours in advance, cancellation is highly probable. In case of a cancellation, KAY will offer you alternative session dates to choose from, or if you prefer, we will refund your payment in full.
If you need to cancel, you will have the option to transfer into any other Virtual EduKAY Workshop session date on the calendar or wait to choose a future session date. You can transfer to a different session at no charge up to two times. If you need to transfer a third time, you will incur a $15 administrative change fee. Note that we are unable to issue refunds when you cancel. 
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