Using the KAY Music

All of our songs are insanely fun and provide tons of cardio fitness, meditation, deep breathing and relaxation for your kids. We have outlined some tools to help you to enjoy our music with the young yogis in your life.

Of course we can’t give away ALL of our secrets, so when you are really ready to spread the love…. consider taking our training! We hope you enjoy.

Pick from one of the below options for a full video, lyrics and instructions for using KAY songs:

Joggin’ Thru the Jungle

Haris: “Murray, are you ready to go for a jog?”

Murray: “Let’s go.”

This is one of the hit songs from our first CD. It’s one of our favorites featuring Haris’ father, Murray Lender playing the drums and chanting! Joggin’ Thru the Jungle may be tiring, but I bet you’ll never get tired of this song! Great for ALL ages, including those really young yogis (2-4 years). Kids love to use their imaginations and often don’t get to enough, so this song is a great one to let them really tap into their own creativity! They can imagine actually jogging through a jungle, seeing a LION, CROCODILE, TURTLE, and even pick a pose all while acting like each animal. Some of our teachers have used toy binoculars or made them with the kids out of cardboard tubes covered with scrapbook paper and a string attached. When the song says, “What else is in the jungle for us to see?” is a great place to have the kids stop and “look” through their binoculars! Plus, it slows them down so they go back to using their “jogging feet.” This one can be done anywhere! It’s great to sing in the car, in the living room on a rainy day, for a jungle/animal themed class or unit in school, and just anytime you want a little adventure and exercise! We know you’ll love this one.

A Yogic Went to Sea

This song is great for that ocean or beach-themed kids Yoga class, Yoga birthday party, or just for a little nautical playtime. Yogis of ALL ages will love this fun song, and the young ones especially. It is a great workout for the belly!

How to do it:
Begin seated in a cross-legged position. When you hear the song say, “A yogi went to sea…,” place your hand over your brow as if you are looking off into the distance and move from one side to the other–looking in both directions. Each verse will have a destination pose: Boat, Dolphin, Heron, and Fish. In each verse you’ll do that verse’s pose, repeat the ones before it, and always come back to BOAT pose. In Boat pose, focus on breathing deeply (our friendly pirate will remind you to do your pranayama!). So you’ve gotta be listening & ready to MOVE. It’s super fun and you’ll be laughing right along with the kids as you move from pose to pose. At the end of the song, they will want to KERPLUNK on their backs just like the song says!

The Yoga Slide

A “must have” in your KAY playlist! Everyone loves this dance party. It gets yogis jumping, dancing, posing, breathing, and having a blast! Fun for all ages, it’s a catchy tune that you will be asked to play over and over. Uh huh! Uh huh!

How to do it:
“This is a dance that’s fun to do, when I say Yoga Slide, here’s what ya do: put your hands in Namaste – let your body start to sway. Step to the left, then to the right, The Yoga Slide is outta sight! Hands up! Hands up! C’mon!” Just follow the directions in the song. It’s crazy fun. The poses included in the song are Mountain, Ragdoll, Chair, Dancer, Warrior, Tree, Eagle and Pretzel. But you’ll also be jumping, drumming, doing jumping jacks and, of course, sliding from side to side. “The Yoga Slide is the best!”

Every Little Cell

Every Little Cell is a FUN song to use at the beginning of class just to get the kids out of the day and into the mindset for yoga class. It’s also great to use at home if your kids (or you!) are having a rough day, and you just wanna move and get some happiness flowing through your veins. All ages will like this song, but the younger yogis really enjoy it (preschool-7 years old). It is great for those preschoolers and toddlers who need to learn where their body parts are located too. By simply tapping and shaking, you stimulate the cells in your body, creating the feeling that “every little cell in our body is happy…every little cell in our body is well!” Shaking and tapping gets the energy flowing and awakens the body and mind. Through intentional shaking, you not only increase circulation of blood, but also circulation of prana or energy—the universal life force that enlivens and connects all of life. When prana is increased, the body begins to use cells more efficiently and stimulates healing and happiness. Now you’re ready to shake your way to happiness!

How to do it:
Just follow the words, and pat your body all over every time you hear the chorus “Every Little Cell.” Poses include CHAIR, RAGDOLL, and LION. Do this song anytime you need to add a little “HAPPY” to your day :).

Down By the Bay

It’s a hoedown!!! Grab a partner and do-si-do! YeeHAW! It’s also fun if you dance with scarves. AND for extra fun, purchase these ants. Throw them all over the place and then play a game to pick them up.

How to do it:
Lots of poses are in this song. COW, CAT, BOAT, FLOWER, SNAKE, TURTLE, STAR, MOUNTAIN, HERO, LION. And a dance with ants in your pants! How silly can you get?? The song speeds up as you go, then slows down for a little intro to the Peaceful Garden.

More KAY Music…

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