What Our Students Say…

what our students say

4.9/5 Google

I did a lot of research before I chose KAY for my Kids Yoga teacher training. I used to work in social welfare with kids who had experienced trauma, kids diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and other behavioural issues as well as psychological diagnoses. KAY works for these kids. KAY works for all kids actually. It allows freedom of expression and creates a predictable environment. KAY creates space for the loud, the quiet and everything in between. Using KAYs golden ticket and music I have seen kids who love to wriggle settle their bodies, I have seen kids who don’t speak practice mantras until they can say them clearly out loud, I have seen kids who are quiet and reserved let themselves shine and show their silly side. KAY is for KIDS!



I just wanted to personally thank you so much for this weekend. It truly was an amazing experience for me on so many levels. It was not just a weekend of training but one of those defining moments in a persons life. So for that words can not express how great full I am to you and your staff.


New Jersey

I can’t believe how many different possibilities there are with this program. I’m going to be able to implement all the different aspects all throughout my classroom all day. My students and my children took the sample class today and I can see how much they enjoyed it. This program works.



You will finish this training with a kids Yoga toolkit so enormous, robust, and complete, you will be ready to hit the ground running straight away. I know I sure am! Your expectations will be exceeded all the way to the moon and beyond! Thank you Haris, for sharing all of your many, many gifts with us all!


Cayman Islands

My name is Sarah and I’ve been teaching kids yoga for a little over a year. I decided to get KAY Certified to open up opportunities to teach elsewhere. The KAY training has transformed my classes. I was confident in my teachings before, but this provided so many tools and fill in the puzzle pieces that I didn’t even realize were missing and created a great flow for the children and myself included. I love the KAY program and am absolutely recommending it to any of my yogi friends wanting to take that leap to childrens yoga. Thank you Kidding Around Yoga!



WOW!!! I am so excited to have completed the KAY program. I could not have asked for a better mentor. Mandy was wonderful! She gave me great feedback and I never felt alone throughout the course.

I stumbled onto KAY when I was looking around for ways to help my then 6 year old daughter. She was not doing well in school and in other areas and so our paediatrician prescribed Vyvanse. This is a common drug used to treat children with ADD/ADHD. My heart sank at the idea that I would have to medicate her as a way to help her function well in school and at home. There had to be a better alternative….and that’s when we found KAY.

We discovered that yoga helped quiet her mind that seemed to constantly be on overdrive. She learned ways to calm herself when she was feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated. At nighttime, which was always a battle, turned into a pleasant transition with calm pranayamas, meditations and asanas that help her prepare for a good night’s rest.

I have seen first hand what a blessing yoga has been for my little girl and myself. I also have a daughter in college that frequently practices yoga for stress management and even pain relief (menstrual, headaches, you name it). I want to share what I have learned and the benefits of yoga to young children. Not all children will have the same wonderful results as Maria, but I believe every child in one way or another will benefit from this practice.

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart.



I cannot tell you how much I’m enjoying the OKAY training; my instinct guided me correctly, it’s the most comprehensive, detailed, interesting, fun, well-structure training in kids yoga that I could find worldwide!

Stella K


As cliche as it sounds, the KAY training I took has changed my life, as well as my family. I have learned invaluable information to bring back to my classroom that not only the kids love but that makes my job WAY MORE FUN! I am stopped everywhere I go and get asked if I am the Yoga lady and the children want to know if they can come to one of my classes. Once you see a child’s face as they float out of your door, you will be a believer!!!



Kidding around Yoga teacher training was one of the best things I could have done for myself at the start of this new year. I am in graduate school and pursuing a degree focusing on research in childhood obesity. I kept telling myself I was too busy and I didn’t need to add anything else onto my plate. But the idea of getting kid’s Yoga teacher certified kept nagging at me. I am so glad I decided to become certified this weekend with Kidding Around Yoga. The whole weekend was orchestrated down to a tee. Everything had its place and time and I never felt rushed or hurried. I feel completely comfortable to go out and teach a kid’s Yoga class tomorrow. As a yogi who has had a personal practice for 5 years I loved how true to the spirit of Yoga this program stayed. Not only did Haris make Yoga fun and exciting for kids of all ages, she stayed true to the belief that the asanas are all to tire us down for the true pose of Savasana, or as we call it the Secret Garden. And also making sure children understand the importance of meditation and a mindful practice. Because in the end Yoga is not just another exercise regimen, it is a science that creates a mindfulness throughout all areas of life. And teaching this at such a young age in a fun and inviting way is what Kidding Around Yoga is all about. I am so excited and proud to say I am a teacher representing what this company believes in. Peace begins with me and you. Namaste.



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