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What is Online Path – Online Kidding Around Yoga?

Get certified to teach Kids Yoga from the comfort of your own home with our Online Kidding Around Yoga Teacher Training course. You can do it anywhere, anytime. OKAY will prepare you in “The KAY Way” to teach children’s yoga. You will learn not just asana… but games, activities, deep relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness. Then you will learn how to integrate them all into a blissful and high energy class for children of all ages. And OKAY is also now AVAILABLE IN SPANISH!

What Will I Learn?

  • How to plan a structured Kids Yoga class easily
  • Behavior management techniques
  • Yoga, mediation and mindfulness games and activities
  • Deep relaxation for kids
  • Yoga philosophy and pranayama
  • Teaching in various environments 
  • Running your own Kids Yoga business
  • How to promote healthy habits
  • Yog-arts & crafts
  • 50+ original KAY songs 
  • 80+ asana including Partner Yoga

Who Is This Course For?

KAY’s Online Teacher Training is perfect for anyone who is passionate about building healthy kids and families. Educators, counselors, therapists, parents and grandparents, coaches, babysitters – if you are creative, inspired and ready to grow, then KAY’s Online Teacher Training is for you. Our Online Teacher Training is self paced and can be done anywhere at any time.


How Does This Course Work?


Online Kidding Around Yoga

Online Kidding Around Yoga is the self-paced online course content, complete with videos, readings, and quizzes. OKAY provides a thorough, entertaining and interactive learning experience that will prepare you to teach not just asana, but games, activities, deep relaxation, meditation, and so much more. You have 5 months access to the course from the time you sign up. This can be extended through the upgrade options to either OKAY Plus or the Licensee Program.

Video Submission or Virtual OKAY Supplement

For the Online Path there are two ways to get your final certification. You can either submit a video recording of you teaching a class, which will then be reviewed and graded by our trainers, or you can attend the Virtual OKAY Supplement*, a 4-hour virtual live workshop with our trainers which will take a deep dive into the KAY Class Outline. Included will be the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one session with one of the trainers to demonstrate your teaching skills and receive feedback.

*Virtual OKAY Supplement is an add on purchase. A recording of a live session is included in the OKAY content, but a virtual live session must be attended in order to forgo the video submission if you choose to purchase this add on.

Read more about our Requirements, Certification and Frequently Asked Questions.

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