OKAY Plus gives you the best of the best resources and information. With over 9,000 teachers all over the world, we’ve compiled our most valuable games, arts and crafts and activities for your little yogis, and organized them in a way that’s easy to find and use for any of your classes.

Who is OKAY Plus for?

OKAY Plus is for anyone who wants to keep their yoga classes interesting and fresh. Save time on planning your classes by utilizing our compiled lists of our favorites! OKAY Plus is perfect for parents, teachers, studio owners and anyone who would like to have a treasure trove of goodies to enhance your Kids Yoga offerings.

Unlimited access is only $7/month or $75/year and has helped so many of our graduates take their yoga classes to the next level.

As a member of OKAY Plus you’ll get:

  • 72 lesson plans per year (6 each month)
  • 10% discount in the KAY shop
  • Preschool, elementary, teen and team games
  • Mindful Moments (mindfulness-based activities)
  • Videos to promote your new business and inspire you
  • Arts & crafts activities and ideas
  • Monthly kid-friendly and healthy recipes
  • Brain Breaks for Classroom Yoga
  • Ongoing access to your OKAY course modules
  • And a whole lot more!.

How Do I Get Access To OKAY Plus?

Now that you are enrolled in our teacher training, you have the ability to upgrade your account and receive unlimited access to the OKAY course with all of the extra activities, games, crafts, birthday party ideas, and MORE. You will have the most comprehensive bag of tricks that has helped so many of our graduates take their yoga classes to the next level.

Please Note: OKAY Plus is ONLY available in ENGLISH at this time.

The OKAY Plus membership is ONLY available to students and graduates of a Kidding Around Yoga Teacher certification course. A link to sign up is included within the course content. If you don’t have access to your course any more, just send an email to [email protected] and we will send you the link, you’ll also have your original course content reinstated when you sign up to OKAY Plus!

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