About Kidding Around Yoga


KAY specializes in blended trainings for almost anyone who works with or has children. What sets KAY apart from similar companies is our unique approach to teaching Children’s Yoga and a series of original music written and performed by the founder, Haris Lender.




Teacher Training


Our blend of independent online learning (OKAY) and 2 day face-to-face intensive training is a fantastic way to learn to teach Kids Yoga without sacrificing the typical three days. Our incredible graduates are integrated into the tight-knit KAY family through an invitation-only teacher’s forum and receive an invitation to our Licensee Program. Nothing gives us more joy than to watch our trainees sharing the gift of yoga with their kids.


yoga teacher trainings


RYS-2001 Kidding Around Yoga is registered through the Yoga Alliance, and certified Yoga instructors can earn CEUs through our program. For more information on CEUs click here.


What our students say about us…


“The founder of Kidding Around Yoga, Haris Lender, is such an inspiration. It is not often you go to a training and meet the founder, and much less, get trained first hand by that founder. As they say, the ‘proof is in the pudding’, and just looking at her following, and hearing about her 50 kids (plus) classes she teaches to children of all ages and backgrounds, is enough to know that what she does, teaches and believes in, is something special. I love to hear her talk about the children that attended her Kids’ Yoga classes, and now practice yoga every day in their college years..and thank her for it!”

– Linda, Illinois


Haris Lender


How Kidding Around Yoga was created…



Haris “Harini” Lender is a certified Integral Yoga teacher at the 500 level. She has also been certified in Prenatal, Raja, Children’s and Stress Management.


Haris AKA MOMMA KAY, has traveled throughout the world, including a 3-month N.O.L.S. (National Outdoor Leadership School) program where she climbed Mt. Kenya and lived with the Masai Warriors. She also completed a month-long Outward Bound program in North Carolina. She was the president of the Outing Club at her University, owned a Laundromat-Pub after college and has had two yoga studios of her own! Haris lives in St. Pete with her husband. All four of their kids are either in college or becoming yoga teachers! Haris spends much of her hard-earned vacation time in either one of her lovely “tiny houses”. One is a yurt at the Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville in Buckingham, VA. The other is located close to Montezuma, Costa Rica at the Cabuya Yoga resort.


Although she didn’t know it at the time, she has spent her life preparing to create this imaginative style of yoga for kids. Growing up in the Lender family it was a common occurrence to be thrown into a skit for the family business that might have any of the kids dressed up as a penguin, sporting a plastic tushy, or singing along at a huge convention or family reunion to a silly song written by either of her creative parents.


During her 11 years of running Camp Yogaville and for the last 8 years at her own summer sleepover yoga camp in Florida, there are many opportunities to show off the skills learned along the way. Haris writes songs and skits, manages her counselors, teachers and kitchen staff, and has developed many more skills that have helped to create Kidding Around Yoga. Haris is extremely grateful to her teacher Swami Satchidananda, and to all of the Swamis, friends, and teachers at Yogaville that have helped guide her over the years. She is also thankful for her parents who gave her the insanely creative ability to write songs and invent lots of fun activities for the kids, and her husband Evan… AKA POPPA KAY, who is right there by her side helping her with ALL THINGS KAY!


I am so blessed to have had this amazing Teacher Training at the Satchidananda Ashram!



Meet Our Trainers


We have a great team of trainers who would love to hold a KAY training in your town. Click on the photos below to learn more about the folks who are out there spreading the love and changing the world one Kids Yoga teacher at a time!






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