Intentions and Power of Vision Boards

“Today let us break the illusion of dependency through the power of intention. If you have chosen the intended outcome, then put your intention in your heart and listen with your soul.” -Deepak Chopra

Alright! Here we are, officially deep into the new year. The holidays are long gone and hopefully you have started facing all those resolutions, intentions and goals we so enthusiastically set at the end of the last year. Without over-pressuring yourself, I invite you to reflect on how this process is going so far. Hopefully you didn’t lose the momentum, but if that is the case, keep reading! Today is the day to try again.

First of all, we need some time to regroup, to settle into our routines and figure out ways to insert our new purpose(s) or ways to do things. Do this with kindness to yourself, with a sense of respect for the journey, for “your” journey. Become an observer of your path and gracefully insert intentions with love and patience.

Goal oriented people talk about having due dates, creating concrete steps, tracking the process… making sure you are indeed moving forward in the achievement process. But this becomes simpler when you approach your goals/resolutions as intentions.

Creating intentions involves digging deep and then a little deeper… seeking your deepest truth, your authenticity, your deepest soul expression. It is possibly the highest creative art. It is art expression made with energy! Certainly, where we will want our energy to go to.

Intention + action = Magic!

In English, the word intention is derived from the Latin meaning of stretching towards something. In Sanskrit, intention or Sankalpa is a “rule or commitment we make to support our highest truth.”

When we are creating intentions, we should follow a few guidelines:
• We must dig below the surface and get specific; for example, if you are thinking of a new home, what is it that you want beyond the physical structure? Is it a sense of security? A family? An intimate space?
• Think about the quality of your intention and not quantity.
• Keep the intention short and sweet (ideally something that you can use for your daily meditation).
• Form the intention in first-person (“I am” IS already! Quite the revelation here!).
• Always state your intention positively.
• Make it present (here and now).

Creating a vision board would be a lovely family activity – each person could create their own vision board and then cooperatively work to form a family board. Glue magazine images, drawings, printed words, and other artistic offerings that speak to you to a poster board or foam board. Explore the following questions to help navigate the activity:
1. What do I want to receive from the universe?
2. What type of person do I want to be and what are the qualities that I want to demonstrate?
3. How do I express myself to the world?

After answering these questions, go ahead and use that inspiration to jump into creating a vision board. This will be a great aid to remind you on a daily basis of your higher purpose. It can help you “feel” what you are seeking, what already IS inside of you. It will connect the Universe’s power of manifestation to your purpose. And that is how the magic happens!

Let the images come to you. In other words, do not grab those magazines to create a vision board with already specific ideas. Don’t specifically look for a piano, or flowers, etc. Let the Universe show you the flow, trust your intuition, and it will all make sense once you tap into that inner spark.

When working with intentions, place reminders in front of your face, track your progress, meditate using your intention and enjoy the Universe blowing your mind!

May you trust that the Universe has your best interest at heart.


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