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Flexible Thinking: A Life Skill For All Ages

EP. 54|Flexible Thinking: A Life Skill For All Ages

Imagine this: You planned to pick up a pizza for dinner, but when you pull up to the restaurant, you realize it’s closed on Mondays.

As an adult, you can think through a couple of solutions, but now imagine you’re 5 years old and you had your heart set on pizza…

Bouncing back from disappointment. Going with the flow when plans change. Getting comfortable with change and managing uncertainty.

Flexible thinking, an essential life skill for both adults and children, helps us adapt to new or unexpected situations.

In this episode, Mindful Conversation with KAY podcast, Kelly and Kristi share their thoughts on flexible thinking including:

  1. The importance of flexible thinking in self-regulation and handling big emotions
  2. Ways parents can model this type of thinking
  3. How affirming “I can be flexible” can be a helpful tool
  4. Other playful ways to build flexible thinking skills in children

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