Gifts for Your Young Yogis

You want to get the perfect gift for the young yogi in your life but you do not want to just purchase whatever, wrap it up, stick it under the tree and call it a day.  You know they love their yoga classes and stories, but you still have no idea what kind of present fits into that life.  Well, consider the following options to surprise them.  All suggestions on the list are great for the yogi who loves meditation, self-discovery, and yes, asana.

·       Mat/rug/blocks:  The most obvious gifts include yoga tools that your yogi will use to practice their poses.  A new mat that has a fun design or that has more grip can easily be found.  Some people really love yoga rugs that can be used alone or over their mat.  Blocks and straps help people, especially those who have tight hamstrings, really feel confident as they practice.  Kids love anything colorful and/or personalized.

·       Stretchable animal plushes:  A couple of years ago, I bought a stretch Hello Kitty for myself…I mean, my kids! They (and I) loved it as she is our yogi friend. It’s a blast.  There are a couple on the market now that your little yogi will love.

·       Journal to write daily:  For kids (and adults) who may not be the best at meditating or speaking their truth, journals can be an effective way for them to clear their thoughts and release stress.  Some journals are just magnificently ornate and beautiful, which of course, is totally inspiring.

·       Pre-made Affirmations: It’s always nice to be reminded that we are strong, loved, and capable.  Affirmations help us to engage in positive dialogue and make fabulous décor.

·       Yoga towel:  Let’s face it, some of us get really sweaty when we practice!  Yoga towels are a nice addition to the yoga bag for their utilitarian purpose but also because they can be custom-made and incredibly inspiring. 

·       Cool tapestry:  Us yogis really like to have home décor that reflects one of our greatest loves and lifestyle.  Artisan-made tapestries are great for sprucing up a bedroom or personal yoga space.  Some are available online and proceeds from purchases go to the artisan and his/her community.

·      Mala Making Kit/Coloring Books:  Mala making kits and coloring books are excellent ways to engage in a sort of moving meditation.  The monotony is relaxing and allows us time to reflect.  Malas are great visual/tactile tools to use when meditating.

·       Tingsha and Tibetan bowl:  In addition to beautifying a bookshelf, tingshas and Tibetan bowls are great instruments to use when meditating, waking from yoga nidra, and sharing a yoga practice with others. Kids get a lot of enjoyment from their soothing sounds and the faces of their friends when they first hear them ring

·       Rock garden/bamboo plant, succulent:  Understanding the delicacy of life and balance is an essential lesson of yoga.  Rock gardens, bamboo plants and other succulents are easy and mess-free, but they help kid yogis see a bit of perspective and allow them to practice their nurturing skills.

You could attach a card with the following poem written inside, just to make it more personal:

The 12 Days of Yoga

 I have 12 days of yoga to share with my friends

To show them to breathe

And relax

And to even play pretend 

This is what they said:

On the first day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

Balance to be a tree.

On the second day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

Lots and lots of hugs.

On the third day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

Some silence and zen.

On the fourth day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

Flight to be a bird.

On the fifth day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

a mind that sings.

On the sixth day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

A pose game for playing.

On the seventh day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

Very strong arms for swimming.

On the eighth day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

A safe space to be.

                                               On the ninth day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

Music for dancing. 

On the tenth day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

A heart a leaping. 

On the eleventh day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

Stillness and calm.

On the twelfth day of Christmas

My yogi gave to me

A spirit humming.

On the twelve days of Christmas, my yogi gave to me

So many things to help me see

How I can shine a light to others

And just be me!






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