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Fun Ways to Use Yoga Cards

EP. 53 |Fun Ways to Use Yoga Cards

The best and most useful tool for teaching yoga to kids? A good set of physical yoga pose cards with images or drawings of kids doing yoga.

Yoga cards are fun and accessible for all ages. In this episode, of Mindful Conversation with KAY podcast, Kelly and Kristi discuss the benefits of yoga cards and share some of their tried and true ways of incorporating yoga cards into a kids yoga class, the classroom, or in the home.

Tune in and learn:

  • How yoga cards are ideal for learning, exploring, and playing
  • Both structured and unstructured game ideas
  • Fun and engaging game ideas such as Musical Mats, Creative Storytelling, a Yogified version of Headbandz
  • Incorporating yoga cards into a Calm Corner
  • How yoga cards can be used by parents in the home
  • How to make yoga cards an everyday practice with a pose of the day and affirmation

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