Exploring the Brain Body Connection, Behavior, and Regulation

Ep. 39 | Interview with Occupational Therapist, Laura Petix: Exploring the Brain Body Connection, Behavior, and Regulation

Show Notes

Laura Petix, a pediatric occupational therapist, known on social media as “The OT Butterfly” is the special guest on this episode of the Mindful Conversations with KAY podcast. Kelly and Kristi’s interview with Laura is filled with practical techniques and deep knowledge about children’s behavior as it relates to regulation.

Listen as they discuss:

*working with a child’s brain (rather than trying to “fix” it)
*why it is important for children to be in touch with their physical body, building their brain-body connection
*how to decode behaviors (hint: behavior is communication)
*Laura’s favorite body-based self-regulation tools
*tips for classroom teachers to incorporate pro-active regulating activities

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