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Episode 17

“A Kid’s Yoga Class: from chaos to calm”

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Show Notes

It’s true! A kids yoga class doesn’t look or sound like an adult yoga class (and it shouldn’t)!

Straight from a question on our Mindful Conversations with KAY Facebook page, Kelly and Kristi explain why kids yoga classes may seem loud and unfocused. But there’s a method to the madness and as Kelly says, “Sometimes we gotta get loud before we can get quiet”.

Listen in as the conversation covers:

  • The importance of proper pacing in a kids class
  • Finding stillness amidst the busy-ness and chaos around us
  • Mimicking a stress-response to practice self-regulation
  • Naming sensations and experiencing your body and mind during active moments and during quiet moments
  • Building mind-body awareness through physical movements, sensory experience es, and playful experimentation
  • Being inclusive and making your classes accessible to all children
  • Flexibility with lesson plans depending the children’s moods and needs

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