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About Me

Watch this video to get an idea of what a Kidding Around Yoga with Dietrich classes entail:

Dietrich is certified to teach yoga for children ages 0-12 and specializes in an unique educational program called “ACCESS-KAY”, which was specifically created to adapt and modify teaching the science of yoga for children with special needs.

Dietrich is a parent of children with special needs. She has years of personal experience working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Anxiety disorders, Dyslexia, Asthma, and many different types of mobility disorders, including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Dietrich and her family all have benefited from yoga, mindfulness, and meditation and are all now ambassadors for kids yoga programs.

To hear what Harlen, Lacey, and LilyJane had to share about why they love yoga, from feeling strong in a Warrior pose to wrapping up in a mat like a Sushi Roll, please read this local article for Latitude 61 North Magazine.

In Alaska, we realize how important it is to Play Every Day! Kidding Around Yoga is a great way to Play Every Day!

Strike a pose: Yoga helps children with flexibility, relaxation and more*

​Kids today live in a busy world of school, homework, sports, and activities designed to keep them busy and nurture their growing minds and bodies. But doing nothing is important, too. Well, not really nothing, but taking time to relax the mind and body, stepping away from the pressures of the world, and learning to be still and calm are also important to healthy development.

Yoga can help children learn techniques for relaxation, frustration and anger management, and handling stress and anxiety. Physically, it also helps with flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness.

“Proper breathing is a great way to energize, learn concentration and reduce stress,” said Dietrich Johnson, a children’s yoga instructor in Anchorage.

“Standing poses build posture and strength. Balancing poses develop focus, strength, balance and poise. Difficult poses build self-esteem by teaching children that they can achieve what they set out to do all on their own. And relaxation poses reduce stress and teach kids how to focus.”

Pretending to be animals is a good way of introducing basic yoga poses, said Johnson.

*For full article, please visit the Play Every Day Blog (December 27, 2016):

Kidding Around Yoga also teaches Family Yoga classes as well as a Caregiver and Child Class.

Please contact Dietrich for any questions you may have. (907)339-YOGA

To learn more about Kidding Around Yoga and the certification program I attended, visit KAY Global.


The Magic of Kidding Around Yoga

When children experience KAY classes, they are not only building physical strength and flexibility, they are learning skills that will provide mental and emotional benefits throughout their lives! The magic of Kidding Around Yoga is our unique class programming. KAY teachers are experts in meeting each child’s needs, providing creative activities, games, songs, and crafts based on traditional yoga and meditation practices.

Our children live in a busy world and KAY classes are an oasis providing a safe place to be creative, move freely, and experience calm. We look forward to being part of your child’s day!

More Information

Class Schedule


(Please contact by email at to arrange a program at your school, gym, studio, or daycare or to find out how to become a Kidding Around Yoga Instructor yourself!)

  • Mondays @ Rilke Schule 3:15pm to 4:30pm

    • Grades 3-4 Kidding Around Yoga Club.

    • $120 per student for semester.

  • Tuesdays and Thursday @ Rilke Schule 3:15pm to 4:30pm

    • Grades 1-2 Kidding Around Yoga Club.

    • $120 per student for semester ($240 both days).

  • Thursdays @ Rilke Schule 4:30pm to 5:30pm

    • Grades 3-4 Kidding Around Yoga Club.

    • $120 (per day of week) per student for semester.

  • To enroll in Rilke Schule Clubs or to join a waitlist, please visit their website

Call or e-mail for more information. 907-339-9642.

Birthday Parties

Want a fabulous birthday party experience for your child?

Contact me to go over location, pricing and all of the fun-filled details!

Girl Scouts

I am a Certified Kidding Around Yoga, Mindfulness, and Mindfulness Instructor.
I am also Girl Scout of Alaska Troop Leader with a combined Daisy-Brownie-Junior Troop of 20 scouts! We are part of the Mid-Town Service Unit and our troop loves to do Kidding Around Yoga!

I would love the opportunity to help your scouts also learn about this ancient science that promotes health and well-being.
The Science of Yoga helps with concentration and teaches a healthy respect for ourselves, others, and nature. It also gives you the needed tools to deal with the stress of daily life.
As an added bonus, Kidding Around Yoga now offers a beautiful fun patch!

Kidding Around Yoga is stress management for children. While teaching the science of yoga, KAY provides a curriculum that is specifically designed to help children be active, learn to relax, improve focus, and have FUN in a non-competitive environment.
We do this through the use of cardiovascular conditioning, original songs, games, storytelling, and relaxation techniques. Kidding Around Yoga reaches children through the way they learn best—play!

I would love the opportunity to introduce the science of yoga to your troop(s)/den(s) and help them earn their Kidding Around Yoga Fun Patch! This class can be customized to meet your needs regarding theme, length, age group, as well as location.
I look forward to hearing from your organization to schedule a class soon!

Contact Dietrich by phone/text at 907-339-YOGA (907-339-9642) or by email at to Schedule your Kidding Around Yoga class!

Past Events

HealthU 2019
FREE FAMILY EVENT: Come to The Dome on September 7th for a day full of healthy activities, games, clinics, sessions, entertainment, and more! Learn more at
Kidding Around Yoga with Dietrich is so excited to participate in this all day event at The Dome!
Stop by our table to learn more about what Open Space and Kidding Around Yoga have to offer! Free demos throughout the day, times TBA!

Kinderlauf 2019 –

Hoping to return for Kinderlauf in APRIL 2020!

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Location: Anchorage, Alaska United States

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