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Fun-filled kids yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for schools, events and more.

About Me

Bella and her “OMazing” family live in Historic Algiers Point, New Orleans, LA.  Her family of FIVE spends lots of time having fun exploring the city, walking along the Mississippi River, playing at the parks with friends, growing a butterfly garden, and helping out in the community garden. New Orleans is a great place to make new friends at a festival or party and there is always great music and food! The homes and architecture tell a story unlike any place in the world!


Bella has been serving others through her work as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor, as an infant massage teacher (Certified Pediatric Massage Practitioner), a Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, a holistic health product and essential oil teacher and has been sharing the Science of Yoga as an Integral Hatha Yoga Instructor {RYT} since completing her trainings on Maui, Hawaii in 2007. She currently studies with Dr. Aviva Romm’s in her course: Herbal Medicine for Women. She volunteers as Lead Gardener at the local community garden, , is a Louisiana Master Naturalist and a Louisiana Master Gardner. She has taken the 95 hour advanced children’s yoga certification program with Haris and is dedicated to sharing the Science of Yoga with the youth of the world!!

After finding Haris Lender’s program Kidding Around Yoga, and hearing the feedback from the children and the adults, Bella knew it was the best available program to successfully share yoga in a way that reaches every young person on his or her own level! The original music and the tried and true method that Haris and the KAY TEAM have developed offer yoga teachers, parents, schools, daycares, clinics, camps and anybody else everything they need to help kids have a wonderful yoga class. Kidding Around Yoga has over 60 songs, hundreds of games and stories and a huge forum of teachers AROUND the WORLD who share experiences, advice, and fun ideas DAILY! There are additional online KAY courses specifically for teaching yoga to Mommies and Babies, toddlers and children with particular and special needs. You DON”T have to be a registered yoga instructor to take a two day workshop and become a Certified Kidding Around Yoga Instructor!!

Bella and her family strive to live full and balanced, loving lives and enjoy counting their Blessings every day!

The Magic of Kidding Around Yoga

When children experience KAY classes, they are not only building physical strength and flexibility, they are learning skills that will provide mental and emotional benefits throughout their lives! The magic of Kidding Around Yoga is our unique class programming. KAY teachers are experts in meeting each child’s needs, providing creative activities, games, songs, and crafts based on traditional yoga and meditation practices.

Our children live in a busy world and KAY classes are an oasis providing a safe place to be creative, move freely, and experience calm. We look forward to being part of your child’s day!

More Information

Class Schedule

Yoga Grow for Members: LSU Health Fitness 2220 Constitution St, New Orleans, LA 70114
Ages 5-10
Sundays 3-3:45

Yogi & Me: LSU Health Fitness 2220 Constitution St, New Orleans, LA 70114
Ages 4 & under with a grownup
Sundays 4-4:30

Birthday Parties

Want a fabulous birthday party experience for your child?

Contact me to go over location, pricing and all of the fun-filled details!

Girl Scouts

Schedule a fun session for your Scouts!

We use poses, games, music and laughter to help learn ways to take care of minds and bodies, manage stress and spread kindness. Let us know what Journey you are working on and we will tailor our class to your theme!

We also offer a Fun Patch!

One-hour Scout Session:
$10/Scout without patch or $12/Scout WITH patch

Contact Info

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana United States

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