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Jesse Bennett

EP. 48 |Creating a “Ripple” – An interview with children’s book author and yoga teacher Jess Bennett

Show Notes

“Every day is a gift and my question to you is how can you create a ripple in all that you do?”

Jesse Bennet, yoga teacher, children’s book author and illustrator and mom, joins Kristi and Kelly on this episode of Mindful Conversations with KAY.

Kelly and Kristi’s inspiring interview with Jesse reminds all of us that we all have the power to create anything we put our minds to.

Listen in as they discuss:

  • What inspired Jesse to begin writing her children’s books including her owl illustrations
  • How actions and words travel and that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a huge impact
  • Jesse’s outreach to students and schools and her mission to empower children to make a difference
  • The power of affirmations including a favorite from Jesse’s book: “I can set off a ripple.”

Find Jesse Bennet on Instagram: @jesse.bennett_

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