Reconnecting to Your Family with Yoga

Being a parent is a wonderful thing, but as an adult there comes a time where you may feel stuck or in need of making a change in yourself. Or maybe your lifestyle just needs a twist and you want to learn something new. There are a lot of wonderful things we can try to make that happen, but one of those things, without a doubt, could be trying this wonderful practice called YOGA.

Yoga is a fantastic practice to renew ourselves in so many ways. The first time you go to a class you may feel a little confused, or maybe a bit scared of what is going to happen. Maybe you will ask yourself, “What am I doing here? Why are these people singing mantras? What is a mantra?”

Guess what, it happens to everyone!

But also, it may be the first time that you will pay attention to your toes, to your hands, to your sense of body balance, and many other things. If you are consistent, each practice will be a new lesson of knowing yourself, and what you thought was a limit for you, may not be.

Yoga is also challenging. How? For example, when you are in a posture for several breaths and you think you cannot hold it anymore, this is when the magic happens. That tiny voice coming out from your soul will say, “Come on! You can do it!”, and in a few seconds you are able to do it! You just need to learn to trust yourself and let it flow. Of course, it may take time but, there is no need to rush it.

Many people think that yoga is not for everybody because they are not flexible, or that meditation is boring and impossible for them. But those are just limits you are placing on yourself in your mind. In my personal experience, this practice not only renewed me in a physical way, it also got deep down into my heart and soul. This is where I want to say that yoga is for everybody!

In yoga no one gets judged. You have your own rhythm and time to catch up in the asanas and breath work. You can create your own yoga style.

When I say everybody I’m also referring to the part where you can include your family. Yes, your children, too!  Yoga is a practice so magical, you can renew and reconnect together. Imagine going to yoga classes with your kids. Or watching yoga videos on YouTube or reading yoga story books. Family yoga is a very positive practice, because it provides quality time with your loved ones. You reconnect with them and with yourself. (Also, family yoga classes are super fun!)

If as adults, we project the peace and harmony a yoga practice provides as a normal lifestyle to our kids, they will grow up with these teachings as part of their daily routine. How beautiful is that?

As a family, you may become more aware of the positive things in your life. You all may be counting to four on your inhale and eight on your exhale every time you are stressed. You may start singing mantras with your whole family gang!

Beyond how a yoga practice can reconnect us to our families, it reconnects us to our physical bodies, too. Yoga is very beneficial to our immune system, so your family may avoid colds. You and your family may feel stronger. Your cardiovascular system may improve. Your neurological systems will all become calmer and more regulated. The list of benefits is long!

So don ́t think about it too much. Whenever you feel that something needs to change, or you need to get a new sparkle, just do it! Try new things by yourself or with your family and you will be amazed at how many activities are available to you. Your whole family might discover something you didn’t even know you could enjoy.

If you already practice yoga and you want to use it as a tool to continue renewing and reconnecting in your everyday life, expand and continue your practice. Many times we say, “I already tried that,”  and we leave it behind. Remember everything is a process, just trust in it. And the most important thing of all: have fun with it!

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